Blue hero for defense/war defense

I need your help with build defense team.
Others are Bera (purple tank), Wolfgang, costume marjana and quenell but i cant decide with blue…
Just ignore Rush war - its different :laughing:

  • Cobalt
  • Costume magni
  • Skadi (regular)
  • Aino
  • Crystalis

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Cobalt is not a tank, I’d prefer Crystalis in that position

Bera is tank, blue can be flank/wing :slight_smile:

Skadi is amazing in defense for minion wars.
In other wars I would probably use Crystalis.

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My thoughts - Bera tank, Wolfgang & Skadi flank, c.Marj and Quenell on the wing.

Im suprised with results, is skadi really that good on defense besides horde war? :slight_smile: i’ll be gratefull for your thoughts