Blue Hero Ascension

Hello. TC20 was kind to me recently but now I don’t know which hero to ascend.

I have:

7 telescopes
5 warm capes

Richard 3/14
Isarnia 1/1
Grimm 3/60
Valeria 3/60

The limited capes is the hold up on my thought process.

Also of note:
Completely F2P. Tempting to spend, but I just haven’t.
I have Gormek and Tiburtus at 4/70.

Defense team is currently:

Richard 3/14 - Gormek 4/70 - Li Xiu 4/70 - Melendor 4/70 - Tiburtus 4/70

Sit between 1950-2150 trophies. Have a higher max trophies but that’s not such a big deal.

Sorry if I rambled;l, but I know how people want more information! Thank you in advance.

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If you didn’t have the scopes, I’d say Grimm, but as you have them, I’ll give my vote for Isarnia. She’s a beast for everything except defense, but who cares about that? It’s offence that matters and provide rewards, be it in raiding, against titans, events, farming or questing.

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I recently was in the same boat sorta. Enough mats to level a 5 star blue but which one. My team was seriously seriously lacking blue damage. I ended up pulling Richard and decided what do I have to lose. I read he wasn’t amazing but wasn’t horrible.

Honestly he hits like a truck with his special and has reasonable defense. I wouldn’t hesitate to level him if your wanting a harder hitting 5 star blue. Otherwise Grimm from what I have read is one of the better harder hitting 4 star’s. I am not mistaken he has some of the highest attack when it comes to 4 star’s and his skill is a lot like Richard’s. Though my vote is still on Richard. I have 2 Grimm’s I need to level at some point.

Isarnia is the clear choice here. She’s awesome. You only one cape away from maxing her. Start leveling her now.

I would pull up Grimm, since you don’t have a fully ascended blue 4* yet. It will cost you way less feeder heros and time to pull up a 4* rather than a 5* and will be invaluable in events and such. Especially the challenges where you will not be able to bring in a 5* for the Epic tier.
I made the mistake of ascending a 5 star green versus a 4* and then realized going into the next event i was lacking. The ham and feeders it is taking to just get them to 3/70 is astronomical.
But, since you already pulled Richard up to the third tier, if you do go for a 5* i would choose him.

This is normally a sound advice, but as he now has the needed telescopes, I think he should get Isarnia going. Without knowing much about his titan-status, it may take time for him to get another 3 warm capes.

Thank you all for the advice.

I don’t need Grimm for events. I have a decent group of reds, greens, and yellows that let me complete the 4* tier with minimal items.

Sounds like Isarnia is the way to go.

Any reason for me to not take Richard to 3/70 first?

My team against red titans is kind of weak, but it is a work in progress.

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