Blue Chest nightmare!

I got a Blue Chest Tuesday or weds or Monday, I’ve been trying to fill it for days now. It’s in my Raids column and it’s hard to fill with mostly one blue perm team. Please tell me this is a bad dream & not something the changed because it’s freaking ridiculous! No it doesn’t work on anything but raids and the tournament! Please fix this and refund me!

It’s elemental…don’t need to fill it raiding…find a blue level on the map and fill it up


You’re lucky it didn’t show up in the Titan column. 150 Blue Titans, yikes!

But seriously, any blue opponent works to fill it. Seasdon 1 8-7 has 10 or so on average.


My advice: start reading all the guides about game you find. It’s almost incredible you didn’t know that much… Also, the dialogue with your alliance members helps a lot.

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You can fill it with killing a blue anything. Hero, monster, boss monster, Titan if you’re lucky (I think? This is so hard to pull off, I have no idea). It doesn’t have to be blue heroes on raid defense specifically.

I know it seems that way since it’s where your raid chest is, but it isn’t.

Wish I could fill it when I level up heroes too. I am “killing” Aife whenever I do that. :wink::shushing_face:


Yes titans count too


Farm Season 1 - 8/7 and you will fill your chest very quickly

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It is an elemental chest which means blue enemies from all areas of the game count towards it. Raids, titans, monsters. As long as they are ice, you are good to go. S1 9-1 is the fastest and most efficient place to fill it imo.

Sorry no. It only got blues from the raid tournament and raids. I’ve been in this game almost since the beginning I know how it was. It was not like the normal at all.

How do we get to actually get somebody to look into this? I’m not a newby.

Know the feeling :pleading_face::sleepy:


I have personally done several elemental chests and just because it is one slot doesn’t mean it is isolated to just what was in said slot. On my alt profile, I have a fire chest running right now and defeating fire heroes and fire monsters counted towards it. As shown in this screenshot.


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I have too. I’m not a new player. Please stop acting like I’m an idiot!

Calm down. What they are saying is ANY blue enemy will fill this chest, it just happens that it is occupying your hero chest slot. So farm 8-7, and you will fill this chest very quickly.

Just because an elemental chest is in the position of your raid chest doesn’t mean that you can only fill it during raids. Same for Titan chest as per above posts

Too bad you people don’t read well! This IS NOT THE NORMAL! I’ve been her since the game began! I know what they normally do, this time it didn’t work like that!!

So you’re saying it is a bug? Fair enough then, put in a support ticket. I was not aware that bug existed

Any did not work! Good lord, I’m not stupid! How the hell do you talk to one of the people that actually work for the game?

Like I said, put in a support ticket, it is under the options tab in game

And I think most people here are trying to help, not make you feel foolish. It is just that this is an unusual bug


At the time I answered to you, you didn’t say yet you are here from the beggining. You should read too more carefully. And if is true what you’re saying, you should contact the support. Perhaps is a bug, who knows…

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If this is a bug then this topic imo should be moved to the bugs and issues section. @Infinite A bug affecting the elemental chests sounds like a very rare bug.

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