Blue ascension Help


I need some advice. I have Ariel, Fenrir and Misandra and get today my last telescope.

What defence should i build,

Would go for Ursena or Telluria as Tank. But the rest i have no good idea.

Thanks for every respond.

IMO, Ariel 1st, Fenrir can wait.
Telluria tank, and flank by Vela is best combo. Also you can put Ursena as flank too if you want.


So Ariel, Ursena, Telluria, Vela, and last one?

I’m not saying for defense, I mean for leveling/ascending order.
For defense I would go rainbow, maybe like this:
Seshat - Zimkitha - Telluria - Vela - Drake Fong
Zimkitha - Vela - Telluria - Ursena - Drake Fong

EDIT: wait… maybe switch Zimkitha to Puss Boot, because Zimkitha conflict emblem with Vela.


How about the healing conflict from Telluria and Puss? Better maybe a sniper like marjana or Tyr or something like that?

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Yes,… Tyr is best and fighter class did not conflict :+1:


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