Blue and Red Indecision....Help


Hi friends. I’ve been lurking for a while and now I need some help. I started playing back in late October, spent a little money and started out with my team of Hu Tao, Sonya, Kelile, Rigard, and Skittle Skull. All have been maxed (well I stopped Skittle at 68).

As I started leveling my second set of colors in the beginning of December starting with Wu Kong and Grimm, I quickly learned how much I was missing out by not leveling these guys earlier. So, as sort of a Merry Christmas to me, I decided to spend a chunk of my gaming budget that has gone unused over the past 3 years (Destiny addict here) and I bought a bunch of elemental summons, mostly to feed up my second string. In the process I gained a pretty healthy roster waiting in the wings now but I’m torn, particularly on my blue and red. Below is who I’m working with and my thoughts, looking for steerage if I’m making a bad choice. I mostly just care about beating up on Titans and completing the hard Quests, not so worried about raids really.

Here’s my current list: Along with Hu, Kel, Sonya, Rigard, and Skittle, I’ve been working on Wu Kong (maxed now), Grimm (64), Tiburtus (64), BoldTusk (63), and Caedmon (64). It won’t be too much longer before I start on the next troupe so here goes:

Purple - No brainer. After New Years said “no more” and did one final 10x purple elemental pull in the hopes of getting Sartana. In some New Year’s miracle got Sartana as the first pull. My daughter, who plays with me, enjoyed many high-fives.

Green - (Kashhrek, Little John, Melendor) I’m thinking Melendor for his high attack against blue titans, and I can swap him in for heals or buff removal duty. Cool?

Yellow - (Leonidas, Chao, Li Xiu) I just started leveling Leonidas up the other day because he seems like a better Chao and I still hold hatred for Li Xiu from trying to complete my raid chests. :stuck_out_tongue: I know Leonidas doesn’t seem popular to most but he’s currently my best bet I guess.

Blue - (Perseus, Thorne, Richard, Kiril, Boril) I don’t know if it’s the right call but I’m thinking Kiril next. He’s the highest ranked 4* in the game for a reason I figure with that absurd special. I just feel like he has a lot of potential in a lot of line-ups even if he doesn’t hit as hard as Perseus or Richard. I mean he helps make everyone tankier and hit harder, and not gonna lie, I like his look and style.

Red - (Natalya, Guardian Kong, Guardian Falcon, Colen, Gormek, Scarlett) - I’m by far most indecisive here. I was thinking Falcon for ridiculous Titan damage but I don’t know his attack is so low and he seems so situational. I was thinking Scarlett for her high attack stat but I don’t know she’s a bit squishy. I was thinking Gormek but I don’t know, I have two other debuffers and his attack stat is so low. Then I got Natalya and I like her high attack stat and mana control, just bummed her special doesn’t even damage at all on initial application and out of the gate only does 292 damage. Not that I would use her for a while but I was like “Wha? Come on.” So I don’t know what the heck to do here. I’m slightly leaning towards Natalya.

Leveling takes so long and I’ve spent stupid amounts of money already so I’m only leveling through my camps, and I just don’t want to realize halfway through I should have just went Falcon over Natalya or something like that, ya know? Help me Obi Wan Kenobis, especially with my Reds and my Blue choice.

<3 Milkman


All long term people say to you the same thing i guess.
If you don’t have ascension material (and you mostly don’t have it yet) don’t bother farming 5* heroes, much more if you are not sure if you want to waste some really precious ascending items on a questionable one (like Thorne, Perseus and Leonidas)

So in the end:

  • Kiril for me is the best choice on blue
  • Melendor is a great hero, but you already have Kiril. Go for LJ
  • i personally like Xiu more then Chao, but it is debatable
  • Natalya is a great hero, but if you don’t have mystic rings is useless to level now. You already have Grimm and Tiburtus for defence debuff, so i’ll go with Scarlett and Falcon soon after. Falcon may be more useful, but only if you already have other reds.


That’s a good point Elpis, and there is extra information that helps the decision. Since I have 5 Mystic Rings I was actually more worried about getting the rest of my hidden blades for Natalya, but that’s an easier problem to have so that’s why I was leaning her way. As for Leonidas, since I’m not doing anymore 10x elemental pulls (after the ridiculous amount I have done) and don’t expect to get Joon any other way, I figured good ol’ Leonidas was the next best bet (like I mentioned I don’t hate Xiu, but I kind of hate her, ha ,ha). I only have 4 darts but also wasn’t in any hurry there either, I just wanted a yellow striker who hit harder than Hu Tao.

I’ve got three telescopes but I think even if I had 6 I would still go the way of Kiril. He just seems too darn good.

As for Melendor, my thoughts were also swayed that way because I have 7 total Melendors in waiting while impatient me fed my extra LJ’s to Caedmon previously. That was some of the other preconceptions going in to my thought processes. Not saying they are reasonable, just what I was thinking. I’ll have to give LJ some thought now. I like how high his attack is.

Thanks for your thoughts Elpis.


You have an embarrassment of riches. Nice collection!

Naturally I would tell you to finish leveling Boldtusk, Grimm, Tiberius, Caedmon and Wu. These first.

For purple punch, I’d want Sartana (You can also double her with Tiburtus on Yellow Titans)

For Blue, Kiril is good (I’m a fan of riposte, so I also like Boril here)

For green, my personal favorite is Melendor, but I have heard good things about Little John. I might research before deciding.

Yellow, I use LiXiu for Raid Defense. Would prefer Leonidas simply because I don’t have him and want to see what he does!

Red, this is the big hmm! I confirm Scarlett is squishy (though does nice dmg), Colen is complained about by opponents (and therefore desired), but I would do Natalya simply to see what all the buzz is about. :grin:

Remember, you can take your heroes up to the 3rd ascension without spending special ascension items. This should give you a general idea where they are headed as a hero and whether they are worth spending those materials. :wink:


I got lucky with the 4 stars. Your first recommended list matches my usual team dead on.


Thank you for the input Rook. It is an embarrassment of riches, I do agree. I was originally going to state in the first post that I didn’t want anyone to think this was a humble brag, that wasn’t my intent. (Not saying you’re calling me out on it either) What I didn’t want to do was overlook someone as badly as i did Grimm, Boldtusk and Wu Kong who I’ve had for a long time but didn’t touch till I levelled up my first set of characters. I didn’t realize how good defense debuff and attack buff was. Along the same lines when I saw Guardian Jackal I thought he looked pretty garbo but I hear everyone around here loving him. Also why I thought Falcon might be a priority but honestly I don’t understand how people use him. :smiley:

As an update all of my second line are maxed now so that feels good. (Poor Skittle is staying a 68 for now) After reading that thread where people fast level their characters I did just decide to go all in on Sartana for the moment and she’s currently level 44.

After though, not sure if I should go back to rainbow leveling or power level Kiril or Leonidas. I’m with you, part of the draw for me with Leonidas is I don’t have anyone who steals energy back or reduces mana, so seemed like a neat way to try out both. Your advice about ascending to tier 3 was super good advice. I think that’s the perfect way to compare how Little John or Melendor would fit in my line-up.

So once again, thank you. :smile: