Blue and Purple backlog

I’m starting pile up both blue and purple 5* at 3/70. It’s finally time to make the decision which ones to ascend as I’ve gotten my 6th telescope and sitting on 5 tabards. If it matters I’m very C2P, buying the occasional gems for .99 deals. I generally raid and war with mono colors and I’m in an alliance that takes down 9* titans, with an occasional 10*.

My blues at 3/70
Richard at 2/20

Purples at 3/70

The rest of my maxed heroes
Isarnia 4/80(3)
Grimm 4/70(14)
Sonya 4/70(10)
Kiril 4/70(8)
Triton 4/70
Boril 4/70

Seshat 4/80(7)
Rigard 4/70(17)
Proteus 4/70(6)
Tiburtus 4/70 costumed
Sabina 4/70 (7)

Justice 4/80 (5)
Inari 4/80(2)
Wu Kong 4/70 (18)
Gretel 4/70 (7)
Danzaburo 4/70

Lianna 4/80 (3)
Skittleskull 4/70 (18)
Little John 4/70(2)
Gadeirus 4/70 (9)
Melendor 4/70(16)

Khagan 4/80
Colen 4/70 (6)
Sir Lancelot 4/70 (4)
Boldtusk 4/70 (18)
Gormek 4/70 (2)
Scarlett 4/70
Kelile 4/70 (19)

So who ascends for blue and purple?

Miki is good at 3.70 for your titans. So I would level Magni, very useful absolutely everywhere. BT is perfect stopped at +18 (bravo for this), but I would strip Colen of emblems, after Magni is finished. You also do not have a really good rogue, so I would level Domitia (only atk path, obviously).

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At this point I’d say your ascending priorities should be for war depth. So I would choose either Magni or Misandra (whichever you like more), and Domita based on that.

Domitia over the other two purples, because I think she’s the one who will be useful in more situations. Seshat will be your prefered choice for a purple dispeller, but Domitia will be backup for your later war team, and her holy shield is one unique strength she has to help take damage from common yellow flanks like Drake, Poseidon, etc.


Would you strip Lanelot’s emblems, too?

Yes, I didn’t even notice. Actually I fed my maxed Lancelot, because I found him completely useless, but you are not me :joy: But at least, give the emblems to Magni. For one, I kept my BT emblemed, Kingston +7 and rest of them on Magni (which will be stoped at +7 and continuing with Kingston).

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Go Magni or Misandra (toss a coin if you cannot decide between these two) and for purples, definitely Domitia. Grimble is extremely niche and I would not ascend unless you are building and anti-minion team.

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