Blue and Green, who next?

My apologies if I have set this up in the wrong area. I’m still new to starting threads and I seem to put them in the wrong spots.

I have 6 telescopes and 6 tonics to use… here are my options.

Blue heroes to max:

Alasie, Isarnia, Thorne, Richard

Heroes maxed:

Magni, Alice, Athena

Green heroes to max:

Margaret, Hatter, Horghall, Atomos, second Telluria

Heroes maxed:

Lianna, Mother North, Telluria

Or should I wait until better options arise?

Blue - I’d choose Alasie
Green - I’d choose Hatter


In a vacuum, Alasie is the best blue out of those 4. However, since you already have Magni and Alice maxed, I would go with Richard. As for green, definitely Hatter. I wish I had him. My $.02.

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Alasie and Hatter, although a second Telluria has a case, depending on your healer roster.

Some might say that you don’t need another blue sniper, but Alasie is much better than your other blue options. If you had Isarnia’s costume then maybe she’s be worth it for titans and tournaments, but you also have Athena, so I’d still rather have Alasie.

Hatter is a real specialist tool, but that’s fine for a fourth green. If you have a level 23 mana troop he could be quite handy for wars against green tanks as well.

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In my honest opinion, for Blue I would go with Richard put a few emblems on him and he is great.
For Green - it depends if you want variety. If you are ok with duplicates it has to be Telluria, if not then I would go with Hatter. You can’t go wrong with either.
Whichever heroes you choose, good luck


Alasie get my vote for blue. Paired up with athena’s D drop, you’ll kill 3 with your magni/alasie/Alice snipers. Throw in a rigardC and that sounds like a solid team.

I’d wait on your green. Hatter seems like the best choice from your options… but not one that I’d priotize until you get a few other greens maxed.

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Alasie gives element link to your blue stack and she’s that good.
Hatter I have at 3/70 but he can be annoying on defense.

Only other heroes worthy are Richard and Tell. Rest are a big waste, especially you have three terrible greens, yuck. Run away.

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For Blue, I think I’d wait to see what costumes you might get from the costume portal, since that will change what your options are, and possibly in an important way.

I also think Hatter is your best Green choice,


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