Blue 5*, who do I level?

Hey with the recent Tell tanks, I feel like you need faster heroes to have a chance.

My maxed blues are Finley Ariel Vela Frida Alasie Miki and Fenrir.

Do I ascend dupe Frida, Alasie or Vela next?

I usually do 3-2 for wars, Frida is on my second blue team but sometimes not used as we’ve been facing Tell tanks.

See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I prefer functional variability over duplicates so I would max your Arthur to give you another elemental defense debuff and sniper next. With the current meta my next choice would be Vela.

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You can’t go wrong with either Vela or Alasie. I have found the punch of a fast sniper to be the most valuable in the game. Magni is too glassy without a costume. Considering that you already have a Vela leveled, I’d go with Alasie.

I would also go with Arthur, In case you do Not feel comfortable to ascend him, then Alasie dupe… she is still one of the Top snipers and may always find use in war attack teams…

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Vela or Misandra. I would max a second Frida over King Arthur. Magni is also a great choice, though I don’t know how he stacks up against Alasie.

Velas secondary effect won’t stack if you take two. 2 Alasies will debuff all enemy heroes with the mana slow. Frida dupe could be good against red tanks, which seem to be gone forever.

Why not Misandra? She may help against the mana problems, when that last tile is desperately needed but any move on the map would cause charging cascade. I regret that current meta kind of forced me into maxing Vela, I really hoped I would do Misandra first.

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misandra, she can be great if she hits multiple times, but if not it is really weak and a wasted spot. i used her at 3.70 for some time with krill or ariel and valerias in a later mono blue war attack team with mediocre success. in meantime, she is covered with dust. but acknowledged, there are split votes on her.

Only Fin would advance blue.
So my vote for Aegir.

Ariel Aegir Frida Vela Alasie
…against Blacky & Grave

Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions.

As I mentioned, it’s pretty much between Frida Alasie or Vela. All three are dupes.

I’ve decided to take Magni up to 3/70 and see how his costume looks as another option, thanks.

With your choices I’d go Alaise…given my choice, Arthur.

-54% ice, -39% attack and +74% against specials.

I run into hero’s now that survive Jackal/Joon or Poseidon, they can survive Eve/King or Lianna…no hero survives KA/Alaise.

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