Bloody Battle

My usual strategy is to aim away from the riposte; always possible at the start, but you can get caught at the end.

There’s a reason I’m leveling a Gil-Ra right now.


What happened with self healer, their healing also locked?

UHG!!! I’ve aten like 8 of her! Dag nabbit.
Honestly, I love how this game finds ways to make every character important.
That and the storried seasons keep me working on my teams and coming back for more!

At least Gill-Ras are very easy to obtain in Atlantis summons, for the scarcity of 3-star season 2 heroes.

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The sad implication of that is you will need a roster of 500 heroes to be able to be able to reasonably compete in all of the events (making up the number, but I have over 230 slots and am not nearly close to being able to complete well across all the possible combinations).


Agreed. And I won’t develop a hero to use him/her/it in extremely rare and punctual occasions.


In my case, Namahage is the cursed 3* - a 10-pull with SIX of him.


This is the genius of the tournament design, not a flaw. Different players will find that they’ve got a great team for some weird rule combination, so we’ll finally stop hearing the lament, “it’s always the same people who win everything!”

Of course, we’re already hearing the opposite POV: “I’ve spent a fortune here and I deserve to win everything!”

Can’t please everyone.


If it’s a 5* tournament, zim and locke will be pretty valuable on offense i think

For defense, i dont see anything more valuable than AoE ailment casters really except for maybe those snipers that do solid damage plus ailment/DoT such as sartana, sartana and the like

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I want Locke. Or Morgan. Or Azlar.

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Maxed azlar a couple weeks ago

Zim+azlar+elena is my new favorite trio in a 3/2 stack, takes bit for em to go off but once they do it’s lights out and the tiles eat teams alive anyways

@Kerridoc - I fixed it for you.

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And this doesn’t even cover the amount of troops, for different rarities, that you need as well

If limited to 3 stars I think the below will become very useful under this ruleset:

Rudolph - minions
Gato - prevents new status ailments (blind, poison, etc.)
Mnesseus - non-healer that dispells buffs
Gill-Ra - non-healer cleanser
Kailani - share damage and boost defense to extend your team

Well here we are!
What’s your plan for thee Bloody Battle?!!?



Can purification still work in bloody battle? Or is it considered healing? Thinking rigard will he remove ailments?

Cleanse is not healing. So Rigard and Zim still work normally in that respect.

What troops are you using on defense? The Mana troops aren’t as valuable since there’s no healing in bloody battles. My Mana troops aren’t high enough to make a difference in reducing the # of tiles to get their specials ready. Need help and fast please!

Let’s use the main discussion thread, please:
🏅 Third Raid Tournament! — FAQs, Teams, and Discussion

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