Bloody Battle rule—Might as well roll dice

If the goal of a tournament is to test skill, then the bloody battle/no healing tournament is an epic fail. You’ve literally made the most random element of the raid (rng opening board) even MORE important than usual with ZERO chance to work yourself out of a bad opening board.

Nice Job guys!!! (sarcasm meters everywhere just broke). :man_facepalming:

We might as well roll dice to see who wins.

EDIT: because of the insane way it was tested in beta (only 1 hour registration window for each tournament), I never was able to test this one.


We have to roll the dice to find out if we get lucky by being matched against someone who put healers in their defence.


That is neither here nor there. The board is literally the only thing that matters anymore.

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I dont mind it. It’s challenging. And one of several different rotating versions of tourney with option of participating.


Today was really bloody,… … for me. All the teams i have encountered were like 300/350 pts superior to my best team that i couldnt even use since one of my only two 4/80 was basically a healer. As a tournament was interesting enough, trying some really risky teams, stacking, trying different approaches, but yeah bottom line is, without good boards and fast hitters against more powerful teams you’re loosing without a doubt, since you only got one shot, unlike in raids.


I have to agree with @Dante2377.
This battle took a 30xx team vs a 41xx because I did not have any other options in this color.
Was a walk in the park as I could make 3 diamonds in 1 move in the opening board. Resulting in a 9 combo with the first move and killing 3 hero’s with 1 move.

Yesterday had the pleasure to find not 1 match in the 3 color hero’s I had selected to bring along in the first 5 matches made. Needles to say I got slaughtered in 7 matches and that was it.
TS was almost the same and with a normal board it could have gone either way.

So yes I have to agree the openingspost that this tournament is very heavy on RNG and not so much on skill base.


If i wanted to play in a craps tournament I’d go to a casino. I realize that any match 3 game has rng inherent to it, but this rule exacerbates the one single aspect of the game (RNG) that almost all people dislike.

The no heal is a kink that needs to be fully removed. There were a ton of other options present in ideas and beta forum that didn’t exacerbate opening board RNG deciding the win.


I gotta agree, even with a moderately decent board you are at the whim of RNG and usually by the time you can get to a useful gem match you are so bloodied you can’t possibly do enough damage to turn the match around.


[In this scene, we describe how the tourney gets it’s name]

“Wait… say that last part again!”
“What…to turn the match around?”
“No, before that.”
“A useful gem match??”
“Nooo, after that.”
“Well I was just saying, You’re so bloodied you can’t possibly do enough damage…”
“That’s it! That’s what we’ll call this tourney! … The Damage Dome…”


They should add a mode healing only kinda healthy battle to compensate this bloody one. :wink:

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A healing only tournament would last for months.


Then the challenge would be to use all flags in the given time. :rofl:


Here’s a variant on Bloody Battle that could be interesting:

Add the Field Aid from wars to both sides while disabling all healing/resurrection aspects of specials (as today).


I’d have to agree, and add that this problem is made worse by the ‘fix’ to tournament matching. The Bloody Battle rules strengthen both defense chances and the impact of initial boards. Without healing there’s no way ot recover from bad boards in time, so it really is a dice roll.

Add to that the new matching: First we had no attacks on our defenses, with nothing but very weak opponents; now we have attacks on defenses and are matched with nothing but stronger opponents. Even as a 3700 strength C defense, I was matched against 3900 strength teams. If we had matching that used progressive difficulty, we’d still have a chance, because the initial damage done by the AI would be weaker. With nothing but harder teams, that doesn’t happen.

So with the random nature of the Bloody Battle, only those at the very top of the allowed hero food chain (best heroes, levels, and emblems) can get even or better odds in this new casino. I’d rather add progressive matching than scrap the Bloody Battle, but if that’s not possible then I’d agree to replacing it with something else.

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Yes, your outcome is really dependant on your opening board. So?
I quite like it.

I mean, without this rule i would raid exactly with the same team i would use for everything else. Be it wars, cups and so on. What change?
And i can guess many people use one or even two safe nets these days and have nearly a perfect win score.

Attacker has the advantage, we all say that. Now part of that advantage is taken away.

And if you compete for the monthly event, you totally have to rely on luck of opening boards, as you have to finish using at best one or two moves.
Is it skills?

Part of it, yes. You have to see the best move avalaible and pick the heroes that gives you the best chance to win.

So yes, it is harder but a bad board is not hopeless without a healer.

And if i have to be hard on you, it is a bit late complaining now.


Deactivated direct damage would be cool as healthy battle.

All by tiles, buffs and regular attacks…

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Ominous thunder sounds off in the distance … RNGesus’ real name is Max!


Well, it separates morons from people who can read the battle rules. I ran into so many defense teams with healers.


Can you name some of this good ideas from beta forum? I am curious.

And I can really think of better rules than bloody battle.


I have to explain it to my alliance teammates not to put regular healer :joy:

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