Bloody Battle- Remove the Minions?

I find myself questioning this every Bloody Battle. With the latest meta being extremely heavy in the minion category, I find the strategy of this war is not “no healing” but “healing by proxy”.

I believe the intended design was to have heroes use brute force. With things like minions (and fiends, now impossible to cleanse), there’s clearly little strategic advantage to not using minion generators and busters.

To echo on previous complaints this format just allows for a dice roll to essentially determine the board outcome and success in their tournament is heavily reliant on RNG and not skill or party composition.

Are people actually considering Noor, Devana, Grimble/Freya, Gobbler and Frosth during these minion wars?

I personally feel like this is less a Bloody Battle and more of a Minion Meatshield battle.

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Minions already have weakness that can be exploited unlike heals. Let them be.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

And yes, I think we do consider using Devana, Grimble, Gormek C and all others related to minions.


Perhaps you want to suggest ideas for different tournament rules

Maybe one is no minions. Another can be no minions or heal.

It is what it is and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Edit: it’s my least favorite of the modes so I already dislike it but not for the minions.

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Small correction; fiends can actually be dislodged by minions.

As they Occupy one of the 3 minion “slots” on your heroes, you can dislodge them simply (?) by putting up 3x minions after they spawn.

However I know that this really just plays more into the question/ issue of the OP in that it increases the prevalence of minions more. :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your question, yes. I absolutely do use Grimble in both wars (where I face like 99% Freya / Bera tanks) and Bloody Battle Tournaments (where there are a lot of minions also).

Skadi is also another one who is extremely effective against minion heavy teams :slight_smile:


Besides those already mentioned, Noor would work nice against summoner teams. Bera is also useful if she fires first.

I never had an issue with minions as I could bring minions myself if I wanted.

Now that I have Eiora & Fluffy…I love to see them on defense. I don’t have Grimble, but I wouldn’t mind having him these days.

Another example of clever people working around the system. :slight_smile: I agreed that can be an unfair battle when facing expensive roasters with many overpower heroes that can flood you with minions or fiends, as Guvernor said fiends can be replaced with minions but you have to generate minions fast of keep them alive long enough to get all the slots full and by then the fiend creator hero will be ready to fire again. Just remember that you basically are matched with other teams close to the power that you have so it can get complicated but with a bit of luck it is possible

I don’t think minions really mean a problem in these tournaments, there are sufficient ways to counter minions out there, specific heroes, your minions, or even heroes particularly oriented towards eliminating minions.

What I have noticed though and the reason I’m here is fiends during the bloody battles… fiends can ONLY be cleansed through healing (offsetting them with more minions is ridiculous considering the speed at which they deplete you and the always kind boards of the game). I think it’s unfair to create a threat that can only be removed by healing and then remove healing.

Fiends are clearly overpowered for this format of tournaments and there should be a solution.

They are slightly OP in this format - just as slow/VS heroes are OP in rush formats. You basically need to prioritise killing them above other types of heroes, which can result in a bit of a gamble if you have to stack. It is what it is.

I have been successful so far, apart from one battle which had both Elizabeth and Hannah. I took out Elizabeth and then made the mistake of not prioritising Hannah, and ended up paying the price for it. I won’t make that mistake again.

As for minions - I love seeing minions because of how they benefit my minion counters. I sometimes play without my minion counters just to see what would work, and mana controllers work pretty well (e.g. Proteus, Onatel) with the minion generating tank up front giving you plenty of opportunity to get control of the flow of mana.

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I am not a fan of remove xyz from tournament mode 17 etc

There are multiple modifiers and elements missing to change it up.