Bloody battle Healing flaw

1/22/2020: Bloody battle tournament. This means no healing, regeneration, or “similar effects”, which should include regeneration, right? But when I was fighting against two teams that have Rigard in his costume and one with Melendor in his costume, their regeneration specials still worked.
The attached image shows the rules of bloody battle, and you can see the regeneration status active on all enemy heroes.
Please fix this bug.

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The icon still comes up but the healing should be a zero. I had to take gadeirus in a match earlier as I needed two greens. His heart icon comes up but no healing but his attack buff still works like kiril BT or rigard cleanse.
Just no healing.


I did check and the other team did regain health. I get why bringing Rigard and Melendor to a fight for their ability to dispel buffs and ailments, but the regeneration was still active on the opposing team.

Do you have screenshots of the healing / regeneration?

Everytime I’ve played against & with a regeneration healer, it comes up with the “0” that @Dudeious.Maximus outlined.


Boldtusk direct heal 0

Rigard heal over time 0


Being its costume rigard aswell, is a good thang in that pic as you never know If a *bug could be with the costume in the tournament.
But this thread would have 100+ more replies!

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