Bloody Battle Healing error

I was in a battle during the Bloody Battle raid tournament that just started. I killed some heroes surrounding Kashhrek on the enemy team. He was standing alone, then he did his special and healed himself. I watched his health bar go up. Was too late to screen-shot it. I know normally in Bloody Battles, it looks like they do their special and nothing happens to healers-- But I literally watched his health increase. Hopefully they will fix this.

Just curious, do you know if it was costume Kashrek? maybe ‘temporary hp’ is not being treated like healing. still sounds like a bug for bloody battles, though.

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Temporary HP doesn’t work in Bloody Battles. I wish it did. My two Gullinbursti would love to be in this tourney…

Perhaps the OG saw the mana bar increase rather then the health bar? ???

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My guess kash speical went off but… The +0 on healing come up. Kash other specials will come into effect just not the healing.
This has been discussed before and 99.9% of the time is the correct answer.


Yes, the special went off but I’m 100% certain his health bar went up too. It was clear as day. I posted so this can be looked into.

Yes, it was costume Kashhrek!

I’ve faced costume Kash twice now; at least once he got a skill off. No healing.

Sadly, without video, these kind of things get little attention.

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My 4* Shale is healing

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Proof. They need to look into this. I haven’t seen this in a Bloody Battle until now and I’ve been playing for almost two years.

This screenshot only shows the heal-over-time symbol, it does not indicate that the two ninja heros received any healing. We need a screenshot (or video) of the actual heal number from this healing buff to confirm that a non-zero heal value was applied.


Not to dismiss this, but it does put the icon. HOWEVER, when it heals at start of turn the number shows 0 HP in green. So no effect.
Have a video or screen shot with the green healing number showing non-0 health being added?


Costume Rigard also heals and so does costume bold tusk… Side note… This is the least user friendly page I’ve ever seen… Been playing this game for 4 years and the interface of this page and inaccessibly of it is beyond a skull f@#k… Almost as much a waste of time as buying gems anymore…

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So I recorded one of my alt account’s tournament attacks with 4 healers in the opposing team





Looks like it’s working as intended :thinking:


I spotted yesterday that costume Melandor healing effect worked in event - screenshot attached

We can only see the icon of his heal over time, not that the effect actually works. You should see green 0 every turn, because healing doesn’t work.


It’s always confusing people because the effect happens when the special is cast so all symbols are there on the heroes. What they miss is the Green “0” that comes up each turn.

All we can do is promise you they aren’t healing

I actually had this defence yesterday…believe me, no one was healing (I was setting them off on purpose for the giggles, small things and all that…:joy:)


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