BLOOD BRIGADE needs 1 player

We’re looking for 1 active member to join us on Blood Brigade , leader is Grave Digger, we use all war flags no drama at all, looking for a player who’s active and reliable over level 75+ , troops over level 23 , we use green war tanks , cap titans at 12* (unless rare) , we finish in top 1000 alliance quest and mythic titans . We’re a very strong mid tier alliance thats a place people wanna stay we range in levels 55-105 , the 3 lower level players are designated cleanup crew,we’re competitive and easy going but reliable , Join us check out the alliance its a great opportunity we’re mostly in North America and have 5 international players , any questions suggestions concerns fire away dont be shy we need that 1 elite player is it you ? JOIN BLOOD BRIGADE … the alliance is usually open, line supreme514

Recently had a member rage quit over this game , so we now have 2 spots join us we’re active and reliable , check out Blood Brigade

We are seeking 1 member level 75+, we win minimum 2/3 wars … great opportunity any questions ask… alliance is open

We’re seeking 1 member level 75 + ,we’re top 1000 in everything , reliable active alliance , great opportunity join alliance is open

We’re still looking for 1 member great opportunity to be in top 1000 everything , we’re reliable and active alliance is open join, we usually cap titans at 12* unless rare to preserve battle items and you’re free to merk, its an alliance people wanna be in, JOIN

we are still looking for 1 player level 75+ alliance is open.

We’re in need of 1 player level 75+ to join us on Blood Brigade, looking to fill the spot asap as mythic titan is coming up on Monday , we get easily top 1000 ,the alliance is open join wont last long !

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