Blood and Bones former player chat

I don’t know when you kicked me, but I just got back from a birthday surprise away and didn’t have the option to explain. Cheers for the patience though.

We kicked you about a week ago because you often missed hitting the titan - despite several postings on the in-game chat. You rarely communicate in the group chat and didn’t attempt to join our Discord server until after you were kicked, making it impossible to send a private message to you. Further, as you didn’t participate in wars, it was unfair to the rest of the team to hold a space for a player who is gone for days without explanation.

There are plenty of easy-going alliances with more players that are at your level, which don’t require daily play. I wish you good luck finding an alliance that is a better fit for you.

As far as I was concerned I didn’t often miss hitting the titan at all, I hit every one… And was rarely at the bottom of that in terms of score. About a week ago is when I went away and there had been no chat about the titan and my performance up to that point. I opted out of wars as soon as that was brought up…
You’re right, I didn’t join discord, but being away from any form of signal over the last week would have meant I wouldn’t have got a pm anyway. Discord was also never inferred as being compulsory.
Just seems odd that you say life happens on your poster, but when life happens… You kick. Especially considering I logged in everyday whilst I played… A long sudden absence would surely mean something.
I joined discord coz I was pissed and confused as to why I was booted… But you booted me from that before I could say anything.
Just doesn’t seem particularly friendly to a newish player whose hit titans, working towards wars, but is quiet and was taken away for her birthday as a surprise and couldn’t inform strangers on the net.
Your perogative I guess. But it pissed me off.

All of the above is the complete opposite of what your poster says.

You are a relatively new player that stopped playing the game for a week with no notice, and no one has a way to contact you directly to find out if something else is going on… What did you think would happen? As the ad says - we communicate before we kick - and we posted messages in the group chat for you with no response.

I’m sorry you did not have internet access the entire week you were away to let us know what was going on or to see the messages in the group chat. If you had gotten in touch with us, we could have held your spot.

Again, best of luck to you in your new alliance.

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