Blocking and banishment


Hello everyone. A very popular player has just been banned from the chat room for a week. I would like to understand what motivated such a decision because it is a popular and respectful player … I know it’s too easy to block someone for misplaced talk but often for not much in truth … But a ban is more serious … Can someone help me understand how we can get here …?


As far as I’ve seen SG never discuss bans on the forum and Rook can only suggest that it will be a breach of rules… I don’t think you’ll find out I’m afraid.


Yet it remains a real problem and ask to understand me seems justified.


A little simplistic… No…?


@Rook @Coppersky @Petri @EmpiresPuzzles this guy needs to go

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Please do not feed the trolls


Ok. Thank you for your help



We have just discovered with amazement the banishment of a player who represents you in the best way by guiding the best players, being always very friendly despite some remarks that could offend.

You are asked to grant him his rights again as soon as possible.

This is DeannaTroiST.

Hoping that you will understand the merits of this request.

Angry player.


Hi there.

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  2. SG does not discuss bans on the Forum. You may contact them directly here:

  3. @McCaver101 stating lies doesn’t make them true. Please familiarize yourself with Forum Rules before posting again.

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