Block Revival and Resurrection?

  1. Can hisan or gafar block the enemy who can resurrect itself from the dead ?

  2. Can we block the enemy who can revive other hero who have died ?



  1. No

  2. No.



I don’t have Malosi. I dunno if he can block Albe, MN or Heimdall from resurrecting dead allies.

He can’t & doesn’t

Malosi blocks STATS EFFECTS from special skills. Revive / resurrect is counted the same as healing.

Malosi will block the attack buff from Heimdall and the Heal Over Time/ Mana Over Time from Alby but not the resurrection.


A million thanks, @Guvnor .

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  1. Technically no. But the enemy will still retain the DoT status, so they will revive, and then die assuming the status hasn’t run out.
  2. No.

Are there any heroes with specials that can block or stop a revive/resurrection?

Just curious

nope; but heroes who have DoT are good at killing heroes who revive :stuck_out_tongue:


My apologies in advance if I’ve misunderstood, if revive and resurect are treated as healing, wouldn’t Perseus’ 100% heal block prevent them from reviving or resurrection?

EDIT: I still use Perseus so I should already know but had not considered it.

No; sorry when I said that I was referring to Malosi’s abiltiy.

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Thanks. That makes perfect sense.

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Hope you got some sleep last night. You looked like you put in a real shift on here with the server issues. :beers:

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Closed up shop at 12:30; was monitoring from 8:30 when it went boom :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your efforts to help keep folk informed given how little was/is known is greatly appreciated.


Sounds like a great idea for a new HotM (block resurrection for a duration)

No there is nothing like that, be comfortable

There is one Hero that blocks resurrection.
It’s not hero of the month it’s a weekly hero and Her name is Bloody Battle!