Block player from alliance

Currently there is no way to block a troublesome player from harassing an alliance. We are regularly assaulted by an ex-member any time we open our alliance for recruiting. It would be very helpful if we could block at an alliance level the way we can block at a personal level. This would prevent troublesome players from rejoining over and over again when they are booted.

Set your alliance to Invite only, and decline his request to join

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I appreciate the attempt to help but it doesn’t work against an actual abuser. We are normally closed, primarily because of him. That doesn’t stop him. He is a determined abusive troll. He stalks our people in global and regularly checks our alliance to invade whenever we open it for recruiting. This has been going on for months.

In any case we shouldn’t have to close our alliance to prevent harassment from a troll. We should be able to block him so he does not affect our alliance.


If this person is harassing you after re-entering your group, take screen shots of the abuse and contact SG. This behavior is generally not tolerated, and they run the risk of losing their account. I am sorry to hear that someone is being so childish…it takes the fun out of an enjoyable game.


You probably already know, there is also a “report” button that comes up if you click on their name in chat----whether it’s alliance or global chat.


This person has been doing this for months. He waits for us to open the alliance then joins, causes havoc and gets kicked or leaves.
After being kicked, he will come back until the alliance once again has to close the alliance to keep him out.
The worst part is he is a grown adult. Hes doing it because he knows no one can stop him. There really should be a way to block a player or ban them from an alliance.

I would strongly encourage taking this situation direct to SG via the support tab in game :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you all for the support and suggestions. We have reported the troll player to SG. Hopefully they can resolve this particular conflict.

I would still like to see this functionality in the game though. Having a resolution method handy at need is still important, particularly when you can’t DM a player to tell them to knock it off and go away.


Your problem made me shudder. It could certainly happen to any of us. We had a very strange player come into our alliance and, thankfully with a little encouragement, quickly left.

I’m still concerned that he could try to return.

The other problem in trying to block a player is that they only need to change their name. That’s why we need SG to actually block an account of a player like you’re dealing with.

Fingers crossed that you’ll soon be free to open your alliance again.


I am the leader of a new alliance. There is someone who joins under a false name in order to bother a few of our members. He has been kicked but has rejoined twice under alternate names. Is there any way to prevent this?

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I think each member needs to mute them and it ceases to be a problem. :slight_smile:

But no, otherwise not.


So there is no way to block a player from joining?

And peachy, how do you mute them? (Forgive my ignorance–i am new to this role!)

Get him a girlfriend :joy:

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So this person is spending 500 gems each name change?! Wow.

Have you all tried blocking him? Blocking should be linked to his account. Or setting your alliance to invite only? But how annoying.


Yeah, that’s real dedication to the troll right there.

Agreed, have everyone block him next time he joins. Invite only helps, but with them changing their name, you may not know its them and accept. It could deter them from requesting though.


In chat, tap their avatar, click block

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Block him in chat and any name changes will show in the blocked player list under options/settings/blocked players.

Always check the list before accepting new members.


Thanks, everyone. Yes, we are invite only now. I dont know if he actually changed his name-I rather think that he has several alt accounts and used those. He is the leader of a different alliance which many of us came from and he was on the verge of being threatening the last time he came in our alliance (hence the change to invite only now). After ranting in the chat, he admitted who he really was just before jumping out. I and the other co-leaders had a funny feeling about him (under the new name) so were not surprised when we found out who he was, but would prefer it not happen again :frowning:

@Kerridoc, just found another thread similar to this, maybe they should be merged? Block player from alliance

Please forgive if I am not doing this correctly, this is my first time posting :frowning:

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