Block Function - Ingame

Dear @Staff_SGG

If you won’t remove seriously violating players in the ingame chat… Can you at least make the block function work both ways?
And not just block me from seing what they write, but also block them from reading any of my chats, when I use the block function.

After several reports a small group of players are still toxicading the public chat channel in our country. Block-function both ways would solve that they keep on being hateful, because they still can see what is being written from people who have tried for years to stop it and made several reports.

Have you made an in game report? Make sure to take screenshots of relevant material and you can send it along with your complaint directly from the game itself.

This usually gets answered within a day or two.

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They won’t allow a reverse block due to the potential for hazing/bullying.

@milodemoray We did report and send them screenshots. This has been going on for years.

They once got 30 day ban and returned more hateful.

Reverse block would solve that they start trolling and people can use the chat without them.

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