Blinded heroes!?

It has now been several times that I have experienced what I feel is a bug in the game!
I color stack (last time this happened it was 5 blue heroes) and when Joon blinded 1 of the heroes all shields missed… It’s 1 out of 5 heroes that’s blinded, so you can’t just take away 100% of the damage from all shields, you can only take away maximum 20% of the damage from each shield! Otherwise you can just lock the game so only rainbow teams are allowed!!!

That could be a suggestion in my opinion
But thats not a bug. It is intended in the game

As with much of the game, this is most likely probability at play, not a bug.

I expect that when you attack with tiles that can be attributed to multiple heroes, the blind can also have a chance of affecting each tile.

While unlikely, it is far from impossible that every tile could miss.

We must remember that we see thousands if not millions of tiles and so there will be times that very unlikely combinations occur.

So, basically you are saying that blinding 1 hero knoks out the entire team?! This game is more f-ed up than I thought it was!

If you have 5 soldiers with AK47’s infront of you and you knock out one if the soldiers… Do you think that affects the other soldiers so that they miss you!? If the DEV’S believe that, then they shoul really try it out so we get some evidence that that is the way it works…

Sure, it’s a game, but I see more and more errors in it, and some of those errors I know that computer game developers were solving already 20-30 years ago!
And I suspect that it will only become worse as Zynga have bought the game…

Unfortunately all the soldiers were eaten by a dragon.

The game is not an accurate representation of real warfare :wink:

That’s just how the mechanism works, it’s not an accident or error. Lots of people say that colour stacking is already too overpowered so this is just one of the risks that helps balance it out.

I’d agree that this looks like a bug. If one of five heroes was blinded and must miss, only his part of hit power must be taken away. However, I think you a wrong about 20%. Say, you have 5* hero and 1* hero of the same color in the team and you hit this color tile. Does it mean that each hero contribute 50% of damage? Obviously not.

I remember that some time ago there was another bug about color stacking: if you had slow and fast mana heroes of the same color, all of them got charged with a fast speed.

So, this situation also need to be addressed.

This is kinda crazy but is one way to think about it. Have ever seen anime and dragon ball z. There are times when goku will call on his fellow friends/warriors to lend him strength. When this happens they give there power over to him. Perhaps the same concept exist in the game. That if your running more then one hero of the same color blind will affect both equally with tile damage even if both are not currently blind. Due to status affects affecting the tile since there attributed to a single hero. This would make since to me as it would be extremely stupidly OP to go into any fight with 5 hero’s of the same color. I mean you basically 1-2 shot anyone that you manged to land tiles on.

Yeah, I will stop color stacking as there are several issues like this and the RNG that’s totally ■■■■■■ up regarding tile drops. I just had 6 straight raids, stacking 3-2 where I never got to fire off any of the hero specials as they could not charge anything before the match was over. Same with titan, stacking 4-1 and not able to match a single tile for the 4 heroes in the same color… And then you think that if 1 hero is blinded they all miss is OK!? I guess you and the DEV’S got your educations at Trump University…

If a hero is blinded, tiles of his color have a chance to miss. You don’t know whose troops are whose when there are multiple heroes of the same color.

Yeah, I tried to color stack my last war attack, 5 blue heroes, pulled of a diamond with about 20 blue tiles on the board… all missed because Joon had blinded 1 hero.
If it’s such an unfair advantage with color stacking, then nerf the heroes so they can be killed using only 1 hero of opposing color and take away the possibility to color stack!!!

Someone said unfair advantage of color stacking is one of the reasons why all tiles miss…

If this is an advantage… Then where are the green tiles?!

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