Blind / miss calculation after summation for multiple heroes – Accuracy Debuff Affects All Heroes of Same Color

I think this is related to heroes and troops.

Triron had attached A troops while Valen had attached B troops.

When the 3 blue tiles were matched, 1 B troop and 2 A troops charged forward. That B troop, related to a non debuffed Valen, hit. The other A troops, related to an accuracy debuffed Triton, missed.

Tile damage works different since both troops will use the total damage of their color, which in this case is the sum of Triton + Valen attacks. Yet again, some troops will have a higher attack % than the others so they will deal slight different damage when they move forward

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The visual appearance of which troop is moving forward has nothing to do with how much damage the tile does.

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That’s revealing.

So if a troop who has 15% attack and another same colored with 5% also attack in the same match, both will do similar damage?

I’m definetely going to try this by using a leveled 4* troop and an unleveled 1* troop in the same color stack to see the results.

The 1st tile splits damage between the two enemies. But you can see despite the massive percentage difference in troops, there is a 2 point (less than 1%) damage difference between the two troops that hit only the right hand enemy.


Thanks for the reply @Garanwyn. I’m still not completely clear on what’s happening though.

Agreed. It makes sense to me that Triton has a troop attached, and Valen has a separate troop attached, so when I send up blue tiles, I picture Triton ordering his troops to attack, and Valen ordering his troops to attack, and they’re both attacking the same target(s). Rather than show numbers for each individual attack, the two attacks are combined into a single number per tile.

Here’s where I get confused. Bane’s text reads, “The target gets -%% accuracy for 4 turns…” So I’m wondering why the accuracy of Valen’s attack is impacted by Triton’s debuff. I’m not arguing that this is how it works, since obviously that’s what’s happening. I think that since that’s the case, the way that accuracy debuffs work should be better explained. Possibly tile damage, too, since the animation is showing troops associated with a particular hero, but the mechanics aren’t quite in sync with that.

How about buffs? Let’s take a team of five Briennes for an example. One fires her special and everyone gets the initial 45% attack buff. An enemy attacks, hits one of the Briennes, and increases her attack buff to 65%. If I attack with green tiles, which attack buff is getting applied, and how? Is the tile dealing 5x damage with a 65% buff, or 4x damage with a 45% buff plus 1x damage with a 65% buff?

Valen’s special is unaffected.

The problem here is that the appearance of tile attacks as having troops doing the attack is really neat, but mechanically, that’s not what they coded up.

Each tile is, as it were, a single unified attack by all attackers of that color, not a set of joint attacks that happen at the same time. It can’t miss in part and hit in part. It all misses or all hits.

The individual buffs apply to the attack stats of the particular buffed heros. So what happens is the combined attack stat of that attack you describe is:

Tile_Attack_Stat = 1.45 * (sum of attack stats of everyone with the 45% buff) + 1.65 * (attack stat of the hero with the 65% buff).

The damage equation then converts that into damage as:

Average tile damage = 33 * (Tile_Attack_Stat/Defense)^1.35


@Garanwyn, I’ve got one more follow up going back to accuracy. Let’s say I still have Valen and Triton, and my opponent has Bane and Joon. Bane and Joon both fire off their specials, with Bane hitting Valen for -35% accuracy, and Joon hitting Triton for -40% accuracy. If I attack with blue tiles, what is my accuracy going to be?

Good question! I don’t know. I’m not aware of any testing that’s been done on this, and it would require hundreds of tiles to be able to distinguish a few percent of accuracy.

My guess is that the highest debuff applies.

@Petri I know you rarely comment on game mechanics questions. But if you have some insight here, it would be greatly appreciated. If two heroes of the same color are accuracy debuffed, what is the effect on the miss rate of the tiles:

  1. Both debuffs are checked on each tile? (Yikes)
  2. The highest one applies?
  3. The lowest one applies?
  4. Somethig else?

I would say both. Cause I think the buffs and debuffs is kinda transferred to the troops. So both bebuffs is in play.

Except the troops are really only a metaphor, since the troop action ends at the stats and received healing and mana of the hero.

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Average applies?

Agree, it’s just visual.

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Found this from petri in an old post.

The is a answer from petri, sounds like it can answer the question. Post 17

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Fantastic, thank you for your time answering this, very revealing indeed.

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I honestly thought it was more common if not totally common knowledge that people realized you actually send different troops up for each tile when you stack a color and make a match for it. Obviously the troops attached to the one in the stack for the hero affected by blind will have that chance to miss… and you’ll notice it more with a 2 stack. With a 3 or 4 or mono, a single blind will effect you less.

Aemeonna Ghost - no damage with Wu Kong?!


Why does Ameonna sometimes make no damage when Wu Kong has his special (~30% miss), but Ameonnas description is - she removes all dispellable and undispellable buffs when in ghost form?
So - I am attacking titan with Wu Kong, Rigard, Ameonna, Obakan and Prisca.
When all my purple miss (For me this also seems like a bug that all purples are calculated together and then it´s decided if they miss or not) - Ameonna mustn´t miss! She is ghost, has no cubes (+150% attack, -30% accuracy) - why at least she doesnt make damage?!+

Sorry, english isnt my mother tongue :slight_smile:

Hi @Stabinovsky, I moved your question to this thread, where an answer has been provided:

It is unclear (though suggested) whether the chance to miss purple tiles in the case with Aemonna + Wu Kong would decrease if she only has her Ghost form on but the other purple heroes have Wu Kong’s buff.

In a war, after detonating a bomb that sent a green tile with it, the green tile missed, even though I have 2 green heroes…it’s like Alberich didn’t exist…I feel for the game design and this particular case where you have 2 heroes of the same color and only one tile of that color was sent, the miss shouldn’t be applied to the tile itself, but the combined damage…this literally made my Alberich miss it’s attack even though he wasn’t blinded!

Suggestion is Alberich wasn’t blinded so his damage must be applied…my Kingston was blinded, so he damage would miss and be deducted of their combined damage.

YouTube video minute 1:22

First you should upload on Youtube. Then paste the link here. But it is not necessary though. One tile may belong to any hero of that colour. It’s like for critical hit. There is no combined percentage. And in your case, the tile was under effect of Kingston. The damage is multiplied, indeed. But any effect it isn’t. I gave you the example with the critical hit. Or let’s say the both heroes have a +48% atk buff. That doesn’t mean at the tile damage will be applied +96%.

Edited the post with a video link.

This is my point…the tile shouldn’t belong to a single hero…it should be a combined damage. My other green hero literally dealt 0 damage. I think it’s a design flaw from the devs.

How it’s not a combined damage? When you stack 5 heroes of the same color, and send a 3 tile of the same color to the opponent’s tank, doesn’t he die? So it means the damage was dealt from 5 heroes, not just 3 heroes :slight_smile:

You see my point? 5 heroes and 3 tiles sent…no way only 3 heroes attacked and 2 didn’t

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