BLIND LEADING BLIND 1000 cups Looking for members

Our Alliance is looking for new members, recently lifting the cup limit to 1000. I am trying to build up a group of ACTIVE people to help our alliance with Titan. Currently defeating 6* Titans and struggling with 7*, would like atleast 3 new members to help get us regular defeating 7*-8* Titans.

We have space for 3-4 people, would hope that you are atleast a daily player and war activity is a must.

hi there

im level 27 1241 cups
i am an active titan hitter but i dont have enough heroes to use all 6 war flags only 4
im usually active 3 times a day for an hour or so each time

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Come join us… search for our alliance is called Blind Leading Blind… You would be most welcome.

Still have space to join

Currently battling 7* Titan

We have 5 spaces vacant at the moment. Please search Blind leading Blind and check us out

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