Blind in 1.6: Why this Salty Forum Poster Approves



So let’s start here. I’ve heard a few confused opinions on what this would entail, and that it would make blind “too op.” Well, blind has long been ‘too op’ however, for a long time, it has just been broken.

With allowing the debuff of a special to hit, while making the attack missed, some heroes were relatively crippled, while others, like Hel, were in fact made far more dangerous while blinded.

With the addition of the 50% mana retention on a special miss, Hel could mana lock half your team, but miss the damage portion, and retain 50% mana. With a ghost attack, or 5 more purple tiles, she’s full again and can lock out the other half of the team on the next turn.

Gamlber’s Stance and blind made Hel stronger.

Where as heroes that caused secondary effects, like mana reduction or health steal, would not have their secondary effect still hit, so blind was more powerful to them.

Aoe heroes were… drumroll please, hit or miss with blind. (yes, I said it, shut up). and that was a bit silly that they would hit everyone or miss everyone. This is now much more realistic, and makes blind a bit more balanced in my mind.

I still think blind is on the strong side of debuffs, but at least it’s consistent across the board. A much desired change.


It’s hard to tell blind is nerfed or buffed this patch. I’m confused :roll_eyes:


It’s fixed that’s a neither. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the all targets roll separately doesn’t really increase or decrease damage. It just makes it less of a gamble. The other change makes blind stronger.

I think blind is a bit too OP, mostly because missing gems don’t generate mana. It will both cut down the damage and managain from attackers. But on defending side it doesn’t cut down the mana gain because defenders dont get mana in that way. So it is silly that some effect is more effective on defense than attack.


I love this change to blind. The spell just feels much more logical. I agree that it might prove to be a bit too strong but it will be easier to tweak it when at least the basics are working as they should. Still disliking that the heroes retain half mana when missing though.


But they also removed the 50% mana return from missed specials. Was this intended? They didn’t state that in the notes.

That is a huge buff to blind.


■■■■ I didn’t notice, this sounds like a huge buff


I have not noticed the 50% mana return missing in my fights. But I think I did my chest right before I updated.

@Petri @mhalttu @RubiKinga please confirm.


Omg. I just assumed because it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes. I guess it makes sense since you can’t really say if a hero has missed or not when they hit some heroes and some not.

That feel to me like a huge buff to something that’s already a bit too powerful. I’ll do some attacks to test.


So 50% mana from missed special is removed w/o being in notes. It was also added w/o a peep and took forever for them to state it was a feature and not a bug. Ironic


My entire Alliance was able to download what I assume is the 1.6 update today, both Android and IOS. However I cannot. Neither can I find it to n the Google play store. I am in the U.S.A. , Michigan to be exact.
What do I need to do? I could really use the 50, 60, or 70 gem reward.

Hopefully yours,
Azure 1.5.2 E9582


Lol, yeah that was a strange reply from devs in that thread.


I’ve so far done hits with Hel and with Grimm while blinded. Both times they hit some heroes and missed some so I can’t say they were 100% misses. In neither of the attacks did my hero retain any mana.


100% mana is gone, hit or miss. Secondary effects do not apply if you miss.


Alrighty. Joon is now back being my favourite :slight_smile:


@Evan I think you just hit the nail on the head as to why. If you’re running Horghall and miss with 1, but the other 4 hit, is getting 50% mana back fair?

@Petri @mhalttu @RubiKinga

Since the mana buff for missed attacks was ninja nerfed, and I can partially see why: prorate the mana return.

If you’re an AOE hitter and miss 2 of your 5 hits, return 20% mana (instead of 50). If you’re a single target hitter, return 50% if you miss. If you’re a cleave hitter, return ~17% per miss, 25% per miss if only two heroes were available (either a dead hero making a gap or attacking on the edge) or 50% if only a single hero was targeted.



Hi, thank you everyone for the feedback! Keep it coming. :smiley:

One note: in version 1.6.2 we are going to make a fix where you still get the mana even if your troop misses.


Blind is buffed this patch, now Justice is a must have for defense. Helz, Athena, Azlar or whatever your debuff sis, if it misses kiss goodbye to the damage and debuff. Let call Blind an invincible 6 turns shield . Thanks


Invincible shield is a little strong haha!
Its been buffed, but there’s still a 61% chance to hit with every tile and special.

And you can purge it with Rigard or Vivica.


Only those two can dispell, seem OP to me but hey who know.