Blind and Cleanse

I just noticed something earlier. Not sure if I’m right.

My heroes got blinded by Drake and I used Zim’s cleanse then Evelyn’s special. The attack from Evelyn still missed even though I definitely used the cleanse first. The only thing was I tapped very quickly Zim then Evelyn. The animation for Zim was slower and my heroes were not cleansed.

The animation speed should not matter. Was there wukong buff on your team or Inari buff on the opponents?

Nope. No Wu in my team. Sequence is:

  1. Got blinded by Drake
  2. Used Zim special
  3. Used Evelyn special immediately after Zim
  4. Saw the missed attack from Evelyn.

Only other possibility is that Zim’s slower animation would be the one with the missed attack.

I think this is probably what happened.

There was some conversation about animation timing on a Line group the other day, and repeated testing showed that effects fired in sequence and immediately regardless of animation timing. So I suspect it was Zim’s attack that was still blind when it was calculated, and just didn’t animate until the end.

If you get into a similar situation again, a video would be hugely helpful to figure it out for sure.

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Great to see that you have posted the issue and the resolve.
So if any other fellas had that issue they will read your first post and skip all the next posts :rofl:

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I’ve had that happen before. It seems each hero is subject to their own hit or miss when a cleanse is debuff is fired.

You have to wait until the blind “eyeball” icon leaves the hero picture.

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