Blazing Dawn II is recruiting!

The Blazing Dawn family is looking to recruit players to fill up its lineup in Blazing Dawn II!

We are a fun, dedicated, and friendly group of people looking for players with the same mindset. We are a group that is very well coordinated for titan attacks as well as wars.

We are looking for players with the following requirements:
-3800+ defense team
-2400+ cups
-a will to continue improving heroes and gameplay

We are playing at a high level and are looking for the right people to make it to a top 100 alliance. If you are ready for top level play and want to join an alliance striving for the same, feel free to contact me on Line!

Line ID: rayzeus


We also have blast in wars! SO JOIN US! :shark:

Still have a few openings! We just won a close war that was a lot of fun! Join us for some great, organized and fun wars!

This is a great place for highly active and chatty players seeking to grow within EnP. Blazing Dawn is a family of driven and friendly players ready to help each other grow.

This group is amazing! Come check us out!

Awesome alliance, currently taking down 11* titans. Finally an alliance where wars are both well-organized and fun!


Honestly this alliance is just a lot of fun. If you like goofing around as much as winning wars and killing titans, you should join us. We’re serious about all three. And if anything goes wrong just remember to blame Leroy!

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Still some room, but we are filling up fast! Now’s your chance to join the awesome Blazing Dawn family!

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Still few spots open! Join and be part of blazing dawn family. We have awesome wars! :wink: :fire:

Still 2 spots open! We’re quickly filling up with some great people, join us when there is still some room in this amazing family!