Blazing Dawn II is Looking for New Members!

Come Join the Blazing Dawn Family!

-Currently Taking On 9* and 10* Titans
-Active and Helpful
-We Share Line chats with our Top 20 Sister Alliance, great for help and advice!

LIne: full_riot_ab


Don’t get stuck in a dead alliance… Come join our family of dedicated players just like you…

If you’re a diamond tier player with a desired to grow and learn from top level players then this is the place for you !

Just picked up a few new members, but are still looking for more. Come check out a fun, competitive alliance. Facing 8 and 9 star titans (soon to be 10) and 7-2 in wars. Apply today!

Join a great alliance, join bd2 . We’re here we’re fun, we’re family. Come be part of our extended family and friends.

Filling up quick! Taking down 10* and 11* Titans!

We have 2 spots available!

If you are looking for a fun alliance with very helpful players, this is the place for you. The Blazing Dawn Family!

We are taking 11* Titans down and our Line groups are full of good stuff.

We Love wars!

If you wish more details, get in contact with our leader or myself.

Leader ab - Line id: full_riot_ab
Co-lead Tiger - Line id: tigre_14

We are waiting for you!! :heart:



We are looking for members who love this game as much as we do and make part of this beautiful Family.

Contact us on Line for further info and we can get to know each other.

Great chance to join the Blazing Dawn Family.

Not only a great team, but also friendly and orginized.

Please contact me or our leader in Line and we can introduce ourselves and chat a bit.

Leader ab - Line id: full_riot_ab
Co-lead Tiger - Line id: tigre_14

:tiger: :heart:


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