'Blazing Dawn II' - Come join our 2nd top 100 alliance!

U bastard, I’ve been trying to get ahold of u forever… We miss u bud… Hit me up… Come home !


Good looking out, thanks…

If you get an opening I might pop in for awhile

U ready ?

Asdgjjjk jb gdss

Sure I’m ready to go

Great of you to comment! I can tell you first hand Wormwood is an awesome guy and a great leader. I’ve been fortunate to play with him and a great group of people. Definitely contact him, you never know when we may have space:)


Hi Wormwood,

Just sent a invite request. Hope to get the vacancy :wink:

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I’m happy to announce that our family is growing and we are expanding into a second alliance ‘Blazing Dawn II’.

The original Blazing Dawn filled in a matter of days, starting from the bottom, we fought our way through titans killing one after the next until slaying 12* beasts in under a month. We reached top 50 in about 40 days and peaked at #15 in just 50 days.

We are now opening our doors to our second top 100 alliance and are currently almost half full. If you’re hungry for growth and ready for a challenge or simply looking for greener pastures, please consider us for a top alliance experience without any of the baggage.

2400 cups
3900+ D
~20 maxed heroes
Friendly, Motivated, Dedicate & Competitive

Contact wormwood @ line ID: wormwood9

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Hi there… We are two Very active members 2900+ at the moment… Kinda frustrated at our now Alliance… Titan bashers… Can you convince us to join.

Hi there bud… I appreciate your interest, but I don’t think we’re the right alliance for you. We’re currently taking in players with a minimum cup count of >2400… I’d be happy to recommend other alliances that might be better suited for you… Or you can check out the recruiting section on the forum for more options…

Want to be part of a top 100 alliance ?
What about a top 50 ?
Are you ready to make the move to top level play and learn from seasoned players ?

Then join the ‘Blazing Dawn’ family as we expand into our second alliance.
Contact wormwood for details: line-wormwood9

@AirHawk when you going to come join the BD family? :wink:

I’ll hand it to you. Your persistent. :joy::joy::joy::joy: nice ad though!

Super cool banner. :+1:t2:

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Something lots of folks look for is NO DRAMA… that would be a good selling point just fyi

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Lol, thanks, we’re most definitely NOT drama… We’re the complete opposite…

Im really not interested in joining another top 10 alliance. I joined some russians a few months ago and titan hits being timed for 6 hits per titan plus all the war hits along with everything else was too much. Our alliance runs 130k. We could care less if people want to average 20k hits on a titan. We are all only concerned about war wins. In all honesty. 8* titan loot is just as good as 13* in my experience and 90% of that sucks. War chest and rare elemental chests are the only decent ones.

And then theres the pressure of top 10 alliances. I was expected to go 5/6 in war on 4100+ power team kills. Thats next to impossible when you only have 20 80 level heros. Its just too much pressure. Makes the game very little fun. But blazing dawn is good. We fought them in last war. They beat us. Not sure how but they did. Poor frost. I was forced to finish him for a reset then i turn around to see him in top 20ish so i hit him again. Tell him dumb dums not a total d bag. I just thought it was funny.

Anyways good team. Good chat.

As someone who was in Blazing Dawn and currently in Blazing Dawn II, I can assure you that kind of pressure is NOT what we’re about in the least bit. We’re not who we are or where we are because of breakneck expectations. We play at the level we play at because of communication and teamwork. We expect participation, not guidelined performance. This game is random by nature and we understand not everyone can produce one-shots with every War flag and not everyone can average 50k on every single Titan. When one member struggles, two step up to compensate and that’s how we collectively think.

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