'Blazing Dawn II' - Come join our 2nd top 100 alliance!

Join the Blazing Dawn !


That’s a good looking ad Wormwood!
Good luck recruiting!

Thank u Copper, we’re just getting started let’s hope so.

I’m totally loving that Justice…

What level of titan are you folks fighting?

We’re starting from the ground up, just finished a 5* rare unicorn. We’ve only been up this week so I’d day we’re tracking nicely… But eager to get back to those 10* & 11* on the daily… I’ve forgotten how vulnerable these lower titans were, we’ve had to attack with feeders if u can believe that, lol…

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Sounds good, how many members do you have currently?

Hey Nick, there’s 18 solid players atm… Were u considering a move ? I’d be happy to discuss further if you’re interested… You can reach me at ‘wormwood9’ if u have Line.

Quick suggestion - put Blazing Dawn somewhere in your Topic Title. That way the search engine will ‘spot’ it!

How important are your requirements? Our strong alliance crumbled tonight and we might be looking to merge or at least some of us. Not all meet your requirements but a good amount are close.

Hey there, I’d love to hear more and see if we can work something out… Do u think you can contact me on Line ? ID: wormwood9

Thanks for looking out, will do asap…

I’m not ready :frowning:

Pfff, get ready boy !! :smile:

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Anyone would be lucky to get in on this top player’s clan. I’ve seen him raiding on the pvp channel and he’s quite good. If the personality matches the skill then this clan will climb the ranks easily. Good luck


Hi! Just wanted to say that his personality outshines even his talent. He truly cares about each and every one of us who are in his alliance. He wants to see all of us succeed in this game and he helps in any way he can. We actually have a fun, family atmosphere. He has brought together a group of people from all corners of this earth and given them a place to call home.


Hey man, sorry for the late response… I have been utterly swamped. I appreciate the kinds words… I wouldn’t be much if it weren’t for the people I’ve surrounded myself with tho. We are currently full, but may have some spots open in the future… I’d love to keep in touch and see if we can work something out in the future… Get those 5*s happy and strong… Meanwhile, happy raiding…


Yep, I’ll def keep BD in mind. Currently just helping my friend in her White Lotus clan where my alt is also. Bringing my fifth 5* to fourth tier and once the four left that need maxing are done I’ll be looking. Should be before the end of the month. I’ll have 5 x5* and probably 15-20 4* maxed soon. Lots of items to use but I kept raiding too much and forgot to actually play the game lmao :smiley:

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lol, it happens… I look forward to seeing your progress…

Btw, the clan name got misspelled :smiley:

Miss you guys. I hope your alliance does well and makes it to the top again. Don’t feel bad if I beat y’all in a raid

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