Blank player name

In our war apparently we’re fighting a ghost. Is this a bug or can you have a blank name?


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I’ve heard of names not showing up if they contain certain special characters. It’s possible this is related.

I do notice that this player’s name shows as blank on the alliance member list too:

I’ll give the Small Giant Staff a heads up.


We’ve seen that before also. We nicknamed them “the player who is nameless”.


May not have a name! Could of been left at an orphanage as a baby and nobody could choose a name for them? So for there whole life they have gone nameless :frowning:

What’s the odds on that :thinking::wink:

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My wife has nicknamed my ex SWMNBN. It’s an acronym that comes from Harry Potter.

He may “he who should not be named”? I think he’s related to Cuthulhu or Yug-Sothoth

The player formerly known as …

It could be an issue with foreign characters that can’t be rendered in your default font and end up blank.

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