[Blades of Death] Recruitment Ad - 2 spots

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At [B0D] we are looking for a few players to fill our roster. We need You to be active both in Titan battles and in the social department. AW participation is always a plus.

We use Telegram chat app to keep things in place and be informed.

Currently we are doing six star titans.

Our requirements: Be active, have TP:3200+ , 1200 Trophies and eager to have fun in this game.


Update: We are still looking for a few players.

OP edited with new requirements and info.

As we moved forward with the titans and wars, I’ve ammended the requirements in the OP once again.

We have 2 slots open. We get help and advise from top alliance and we do a lot of communication.

It’s a great place!

No contest but it shows the activity and all.


We need 2 players at the moment.

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