Blade of Bamboo or Endangered Species 🐼 - any reason to level the big panda?

Evening all,

I’ve got all the other tc20 yellow 4* maxxed, I’ve got Justice and Joon maxxed with Leo waiting on darts from sand castles.

So, any reason to max Hu the Kung Fu Panda?

Anyone using him to tank in tournaments, particularly the rush-mana-kill-death-quick variety?

Any use in Epic events?

I’m strictly f2p (we know, yawn) so it’s only Vivica who has a reasonable chance of showing up apart from a handful of Atlantis and event summons every month.

Anyone want to advocate for this guy?

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I haven’t used my fully leveled panda in 16 months lol, I’ve been playing for 2 years

Got one at 3/60 as my first yellow 4* and now have 2 more at 1/1.
Don’t have the luxury of your yellow roster, and sitting with 14 orbs but only 1 gloves.

Can’t find a reasonable way that he gets that final ascension… Unfortunately.

Mine’s been at 1/1 for months and isn’t close to my list of who to level next. I just don’t see much use for him outside the Very Fast raid tourney.

F2P and a collector, so you can kind of see where I am going with this too. I have him on my roster after pulling him from TC20 a few months ago, got him to 3^60 and at the time did not have any other yellow heroes to work on that weren’t already maxed. I could… potentially waste the additional XP per each yellow feeder to level up my other colored heroes that needed attention, but I am also a strict color diet type of player… Was about to do it when I got Guardian Jackal, which immediately puts him ahead on the yellow hero list before Hu Tao.

But after Jackal is done maxed and on his way to getting Emblems, there is big sad panda sitting there. I went ahead and gave him the Gloves/Compass and Orbs for the go ahead. Again, because I have no other yellow heroes to work on at this time. I did manage to get Justice about a month or so ago, from TC20. But Hu Tao is at the very core, Justice “light” and it will take me a lot longer to work on Justice than I will with Hu Tao.

What he can be used for, aside from wars, is another option for Trials where Fighters are called for, Raid Tournaments where Fast Attack is active and only 4* and below are allowed.

The collector aspect in me would want to eventually max out at least a copy of each of the hero I intend to keep (3* and above). So I didn’t look back on the decision or have any regrets. If it weren’t for the hero space cap, I’d have probably kept a maxed copy of little brother Sha Ji on the bench too.

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My first thought was fighter class trials. I plan to level him for that, since there’s a pretty steep drop between my best fighter (Poseidon 4^80) and my next best fighter (Valen+20). But that would probably change if I had some of the fighters that some folks commonly do (Boldtusk and Colen, specifically, but four-star reds are avoiding me like the plague… except Kelile!) But even at that, I’m in worse shape for monks, so I’m going to take Leonidas to at least 2^60 (maybe 3^70) before I start the panda, and I will probably also do Wu Kong and/or Li Xiu before him as well, so by that time, he may no longer be a leveling priority.

That said, I believe pretty strongly that every (or almost every) hero has a purpose, and I’d probably level him for that alone if I had the mats and he was the next man up. Is yours at 1^1, 3^60, or somewhere in between?

I used a maxed Hu Tao during raid tournament. The one that was restricted to 4* and had all skills set to very fast. My enemies were almost always blind. It was great.


Hu Tao is really good on the raid tournaments when you can only use 4* heros and their specials are Very Fast.

Thats quite a “niche” usage, but does anyone who’s played for a good bit really need to think about using 4x orbs, 1x compas and 1x gloves?

If you’re not working on anyone more important right now-now, I’d definately say max him. If nothing else he’s definately useless as a 1.1 and you’re not going to feed him away if he’s your only panda.

And thats coming from a person who hates pandas. Evolutionary dead ends.


Every Panda look soft outside but its a hidden badass and this is a good reason to level them :slight_smile:

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He’s definitely worth the orbs.
Just ascended mine a few days ago. If he survived the first attack wave, he’ll blind the 2nd… :sunglasses:

Exactly why I’m leveling one right now (and Colen, Little John). I never would have leveled the slow 4* heroes before the tourneys.

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I have one of every panda in my roster, Sha ji, Gan Ju, and Hu Tao. Hu is the only one I haven’t maxed yet tho, he’s still at 3/60. I would have maxed him if I had more gloves but I’m lacking those.

Hu Tao really shines in rush attack tourneys. That’s enough reason to max the 4* panda imo. I say go for it.

I’m a cheap to play player, who has only bought VIP a couple times in the past, and nothing else.

I use him in Fighter trials, War, and in tourneys with fast mana.

I have used him against titans in the past, but he slipped back in the order after I got Delilah & Justice.

@Zephyr1 has a fairly extensive discussion of why he likes the big bad bear, and this would probably be a great opportunity for him to update that compilation :slight_smile:


I read lots of arguments on who is worthy of AM.
My answer is all characters are worty of AM.
Their are always other factors to who you level in this game. Maybe this is the only 4* you have or how about more depth on your bench. Whatever the case Hu Tao is not the only slow mana character in the game. Sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt. You never know you may find something others have not that works for you & your play style in this game.


I’ve always wanted to find out how deeply you can nest quotes in Discourse.


I currently have 29 Orbs, even after using 32 across various heroes, so I’m very glad that I used 4 on Hu Tao so it’s not 33.

I’m still happy to have maxed Hu Tao.

And yes, he does get some new use in Rush Attack Raid Tournaments. Blinding all at Very Fast is hugely powerful, especially on Offense.


I think that may sell it.

For s.2 I have justice for that roll, who’s blind % is higher I believe and, being 5* just has a higher general stat line.

I’ll wait until after the next AR…just in case


Hu Tao has a good survivability. I understand your point of not leveling him up given the fact you have a 4/80 Justice. I finished ascending him to 4/70 just about 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to use him as I would have wanted (I did want him for Corellia, but event was skipped. Thus, he didn’t have the chance to shine). Anyway, any AOE will be well paired with my Wilbur, and the 35% blindness applied on all enemies is incredibly good. For a slow mana hero, his special is worth the slow speed, and he will surely survive long enough to fire.

I feel like I’m giving you a reason for not to level him up, but this is more like a fast review of him, and might be more useful for the ones who have him but don’t have Justice. I just feel there are more players than I thought who dislike slow mana heroes, but for what Hu Tao does, I will match those 12 yellow tiles with patience


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