Blacknight ! Is he still relevant in the new era? Where is the game heading?

Felt so lucky that I finally summoned him! I wasn’t expecting this and I had the biggest smile on my face!
Then I paused!!! And thought….Is he still relevant and worth in this era of ever changing meta? Over the last 18 months I’ve been playing, I’ve seen so many new heroes - I can’t even recall their names ; let alone their special skills!


Still a very good red tank, but not meta anymore.

You can be lucky to have him.


Tier 3 of Soul Exchange for sure!

/How we’re judging heroes now, right??


He’s definitely still relevant. Any hero that pulls all damage to themselves, plus has the chance to reduce that damage to 1 will always be relevant so what if there are a few (and it is only a few) reds that are on extreme top defence teams. He remains great for an attack team and still a very good option on Def.

There are very few heroes that have become completely irrelevant and unuseable.


Thanks Kilted! I always appreciate your comments


Lets be honest, BK is only relevant if you don’t have any of the new heroes that have been recently introduced. If you do have some of the ever so power creeping new heroes, then BK may be useful in a VF war our VF tourney only. So, all these somewhat useless heroes will only make a comeback with Costumes. Then, of course, as more new power creeping heroes come out, these old costume heroes will need stat increasing costume accessories (rings, handbags, belts, etc) to keep up.

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With focus on the hero and as already mentioned, of course BK is still one of the best offensiv supporting heroes and why shouldn’t he stay in that position?
His skill set is more or less independent from current meta. Concentration of all damage on one tanky hero to keep the rest of the team save plus potentially reduce damage to one is awesome.
Just think of Quenell with that INSANE amount of damage. All that reduced to 1 is almost a joke. I like it though.

Site note: That also counts for skills like def down, special def down, cleansing and dispelling …

Focus on the bigger picture: as the title is questioning - will someday BK be irrelevant because of fancy family bonuses or resistances or passiv skill or what not?
Of course no one knows for sure but I highly doubt that sth like that will happen, because of the explanation above.
I can’t imagine a family bonus to be like “taunt is denied for all enemies” or “damage can’t be reduced”.
One thing to mention, putting him in relation to new heroes, his stats were very good till (I don’t know exactly) end of 2020, but they drift towards good more and more. BK is getting old, let’s say.
Since you hit him and you don’t have a maxed one yet, go for it. Emblems up to +20. No doubt no regrets.
You can use him petty much everywhere.

Have fun.


Lol so long as you remember that 95% of what I say is Hooey and bunkum its all good.


I just Pulled the Queen of Hearts and while I am excited for her because she can replace Santa on my primary defense team (Currently Santa Telly Melina Xnol and Mertega) and she is my only taunt hero I am wondering how relevant she really is. I almost never run up against her in raids and I know she is nowhere near Meta and hasnt ever really been. How excited should I be?


On offence BK is still damn good & not affected by meta change….
Defence, there r too many dispel options now…. So I will say = average there !

He manages one of my Raid & war teams.

Don’t fall fir the negative comments…


Same answer as above, like BK …. QoH is good on offence for sure…

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In my honest opinion, yes Black Knight remains relevant in the game.
But the game and the heroes change so quickly. There are already many counters to BK. But be happy you have him. Get him levelled up and use him to your full advantage.
Good luck


He was my tank for about a year. I recently changed him for Elizabeth. Knight on offense next to Elena is a great pair. For a level 23 mana troop on Elena and they fire off at the same time. They just kill themselves for the most part.


He is still one of my favorite heroes and is still relevant. Raids, war, events, titans, even all tournaments he’s highly rated. On my raid defense they keep me at around 2700 cups, have even carried me to 3k at times.


He is looking great :blush: thanks for the info! I’ll max him ASAP

Still relevant and awesome. Timeless hero. He’s a keeper!


Thanks everyone for your comments! I started working on him :upside_down_face:

Perhaps you haven’t come across the double taunts in Rush war ?

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I’m levelling him up and will use him with my Queen :slight_smile: thanks for the comments.

Id say he is very much relevant in all parts of the game except as tank. Double so in any rush event.

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