Black screen/unable to load the game

Good morning!i start the game and nothing happens…i have the black screen before the “small giant” logo and nothing happens…it stuck at the black screen…it started approximately 12 hours ago…I tried restarting my phone 3 or 4 times, and i closed all the apps in the background but didnt work!what should i do?

Did you update yet? Think they recently turned off support for the old version.


Yes i updated it!ofc…i would hate to install/uninstall!i dont want to lose my progress!

Not sure how to make a ticket without a working app. Maybe @Garanwyn may know. Hopefully you saved to Facebook or Game Center so you won’t lose any progress if you have to re-install. Good luck.


You can try clearing the game cache first:

Clear Cache:

  • Open your device’s Settings app
  • Tap Application manager.
  • Tap Empires app. If you don’t see it, first tap See all apps or App info.
  • Tap Clear cache.

Just the Cache. Don’t clear the Game Data unless you’re 100% sure you have your game saved through one of the account connection methods.

If that doesn’t work, here’s the direct link to open a support ticket:

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I had exactly the same issue for a couple of hours today starting around 3 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time. I was really worried that I had lost everything. I turned my phone off, restarted, and all was well.

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U have been a great help so far but i cant access thr account identifier coz the game doesnt pass the black screen!so the ticket is not an option i think!

I tried restarting my phone…closing all the apps!nothing!i cleared the cache memory…same results!

SOOO frustrating!!! I hope you can get help to figure it out!!! I know I was frantic. :bouquet: :coffee: :cupcake:

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Can you check to see that you have enough available memory on your phone to be running the app? If not, you may need to clear temporary files and such to create some space.

Otherwise, I don’t what Small Giant’s protocol is in this situation. Hopefully, one of the community managers from Small Giant can help out.

@Petri, how does someone submit a support ticket when they can’t even get to the splash screen to find their account identifier?

I checked the available memory…no issues there!thanx for all the help!i imagine uninstalling/installing the game…ill find out that i have lost all the progress ive made and ill quit the game right after!haha!no biggie…3825 power gone…just like that!income for the game creators gone…everyone unhappy! :wink:

I doubt you’ve lost all progress. But at this point, it sounds more like a device issue than a game issue to me, since the game isn’t even successfully loading as far as the splash screen.

But all the other apps work just fine!anyway!thanx again!!!

Sometimes the app won’t load here as well, so I close it (often several times) and open it again and then it works…not good to hear that doesn’t work for you, now I’m a bit afraid :frowning:

I hope you get rid of your problem soon!

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I uninstalled the game…then reinstalled it…thankfully,i had saved the progress…maybe next time i wont be so lucky!thanx though guys and girl…u have been a great help!really!have a nice day all of u!


Firstly, I would agree with everything G says above. If you are concerned about installs or uninstalls and losing progress, you probably shouldn’t be. SG have made the installer/app very well; I might say idiot proof even as it certainly foiled me for a bit (a few weeks ago, I was playing around with an Android emulator on my PC and went through multiple uninstalls/reinstalls, log ins/log outs; my data was always there waiting for me and my recruits were still becoming Soylent Green).

When you launch the app it should contact their server immediately, compare your data to what they think it should be, and off you go. If you don’t make a remote connection to SG, your account will just finish the last tasks assigned to it and then wait for you.

I haven’t played for long, but I have only once in ~4 months witnessed anything like data loss. As unsettling as I found it, I really only lost ~4-5 minutes of actual physical play time (2 tournament battles). Even an unexpected quit (which it does) has never resulted in loss for me.

If you follow G’s advice, I’m sure SG will get you sorted. Good luck.

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