Black screen since 24-02 evening

Hello, I can’t open the game anymore. The update went well. I played till yesterday evening without any issues.
When loading the game, I see the splash screen and the game loads. But instead of seeing the game, I see a black screen. I cleared the data/cache several times. The first time it improved a bit because now I could see the loading indication. I also uninstalled/reinstalled. But the problem stayed the same after that. I can’t use in-game reporting tool. What do I do?

Had the same problem after update. It sorted itself out after an uninstall/reinstall for me. Samsung Galaxy S8, latest android.

You can contact Game Support outside of the game by clicking the following FAQ article (scroll to the bottom for the blue link “Submit a Request”):

I did another reinstall and this time I could get into the game.

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