Black market?

I have been discussing this many times with members of my alliance the possibility of a trading marketplace where anyone can barder heroes and resources with other players. Imagine you have 4 Drake Fong’s but you really want a Gravemaker. Imagine someone else who has 4 Gravemaker’s and really wants a Drake Fong. Or you really need just one more ascension ingredient and have a hundred others. Thoughts?


You have to ask yourself… how will this benefit the developers of this game? If the answer is… It won’t then it will never happen.

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That is a awesome idea would be great trading items.

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It would get everyone more involved and less frustrated in the gameplay. I would be a lot more apt to spend money on gems to do a 10x pull if I knew I could trade heroes on the black market if I didn’t get what I wanted in the first place.

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no, you would not. It would be the ruin of SG. The li people would do is sell for real money the heroes and tools and SG would lose. what to do a whale 8 * 10 if you can buy it at gin for € 50

If there will be market place, you can be sure that there will be gems, a lot of them so SG will still earn money. Something like change 10 x 5* + 20000gems = 5* of your choice
And i think there will not be market player to player but only player to sg.

Lol, there’s probably at least 15 threads on this…

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It would make this game more fun plus would be great trading items with other players