Black Knight with shared damage bug (Wilbur, Aegir) [NOT A BUG - Working as Intended]

I don’t know if this is intended behavior or not. However, here are my thoughts on the way “Just a Flesh Wound” works with the Shared Damage buff, regarding game balance:

Thanks Dave! Yeah I remember reading your comment over on that thread. It doesn’t happen every time that an ally dies while BK takes 1 from a special, but often enough that it’s super annoying.

In my opinion he doesn’t works right, if he take damage to him, he can’t share it,

Bumping this topic so it doesn’t close. Has there been any response from devs on this topic? Is it a bug or not? Just maxed him and I don’t want to pair him with Aegir on defense if this is the way it’s permanently designed and not just a bug — it’s a waste of a spot a hitter could be more useful in.

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I’ve brought it up to the attention of the staff.



thanks everyone, I passed this information along to our QA team and have confirmed this is working as intended.


I still think there is a bug. It matters who was activated first, Aegir/Wilbur or Black Knight/QoH. All special skills are going in order but this case is different?

It is clear that coders/designers missed proper execution of this particular case (happens and it is ok). I think it is easy fix. Just store result in variable and do logical steps. If Black Knight was activated first then in case of flash wound all allies are getting 1 damage. If went through then that damage have to split to number of allies.


Not when it comes to buffs and ailments – the order of how they activate is not determined by the order of skills.

That only matters for status effects that are overwritten – e.g. an attack buff with another attack buff.

For status effects that stack, they follow an order of operations. For e.g. Damage over Turns, always activates before Healing over Turns. Regardless of which status was casted first.

We can conclude here from @KiraSG’s reply that Black Knight’s Just a Flesh Wound buff JustAFleshWound! is meant to activate last always.

Thus, this isn’t a bug. These are the logical steps that the game checks damage in for this case:

  1. BK is targeted with Taunt + Just a Flesh Wound + Shared Damage
  2. Damage is dealt to him, then shared among allies
  3. Just a Flesh Wound activates, and drops damage for Black Knight to 1
Further Reading: DoT always activates before HoT

Thanks for explanation :wink:

That’s disappointing to hear. Logistically a “taunt” would precede any physical altercation, so Black Knight would always be hit first when taunt is active. Hard to approach something like spirit link logistically but it stands to reason that more damage couldn’t be shared than was initially taken, which in the case of Black Knight can be as little as one.

Obviously the game is completely made up but it bothers me when it departs from simple logic. Guess that’s why I’m Mr. Spock


OK, it is disappointing, but not entirely illogical. I think it’s in the definition of “received”. In real life damage received is just that, a hit, in it comes, it’s done. But in programming terms it has to then be applied (experts please correct me if this is barking, it’s been a long while since I did any programming and it wasn’t on phones). So the damage comes in, is shared as per spirit link, then when it comes to be applied BK’s share is tested against his chance to reduce it to 1. Everyone else’s is presumably tested the same way against whatever buffs, debuffs etc they have going before the game decides how much each one takes. At least it makes sense to me that way.

Actually, overthinking it a bit perhaps, in real life you might have a “buff” such as a Kevlar jacket, or an impact cage in a vehicle, so the damage hits but the external defence keeps it off yourself. Think of BK wearing a bulletproof vest instead of old-fashioned armour. The gun still fires, the bullet still does damage but it does hardly any damage to him because the jacket has absorbed the energy from it. Er, I’m not a physicist either…


Or 5 are standing against a flame thrower and only BK has a fire armor :slight_smile:

Real life examples are weird^^


I hold my hand up to weird.

I think their confusing the phrase “working as intended” with “we’re not going to address this obvious bug because it’s hard.”


I have aegir and BK and this pisses me off. Are you guys from SG going to do something about it?? Its obviusly a bug and need to be fix. When BK receive 1 dmg from a skill and aegir link is activated, why do the others receive damage if BK received 1??? Doesnt make sense.


Please keep in mind when discussing this topic, for future posts:

There’s a difference between

This is unintended behavior, please fix


I don’t think it should work this way, change it

The latter posts are falling under the 2nd category.

If you think it shouldn’t work this way, then create a topic under #ideas-feature-requests to change the behavior.

Thanks everyone


I am going to create the topic, no worries. Can you assure me that if my proposition is logical, they will change it?? I dont wont to waste my time and effort making it and then discover that they are not going to do anything about it

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I can’t assure that. But the best way to get traction on an idea is to get other users to agree and submit a vote on your thread.


I am confused, it says that the issue is solved by KiraSG and the QA team confirmed that is working as intended. As you can see, anyone that has BK and Wilbur or Aegir thinks that this is not logical. So what else I can do?? Call the company or go there to explain them that this is not how it should work??? We have made videos, we have made all the explanations and post needed. What else?? I dont think that this works as intended is a good explanation.

Hi dave, hope you dont mind that I quote you.

  1. BK is targeted with Taunt + Just a Flesh Wound + Shared Damage
  2. Damage is dealt to him, then shared among allies
  3. Just a Flesh Wound activates, and drops damage for Black Knight to 1

If you play the game, you can see this is not the order. When an enemy activates his special, and you have BK and Aegirs special also activated, the first thing after the enemy fires his special, is BK receiving the damage, it can be 1 or it can be x. The animation is clear, it will do 1 dmg to BK and then it will do damage to the rest of your heroes that has Spirit Link activated.

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