Black Knight with no emblems in Challenge event

My Black Knight is maxed with 11 emblems but in the Challenge Event he would not have the emblems, just maxed leveling. All my other heroes had their emblems. Didn’t happen with every game, just some.

What do you mean “would not have emblems”? As in you would reset him? A glitch where his didn’t show up? Do you have a screenshot?

Can you provide screenshoot?

He still had emblems outside of Challenge Event, just not in the actual game. Unfortunately, I finished the last game of the Pirates, and didn’t think to get a screenshot. Didn’t happen in every game, just some. Usually didn’t realize it until I got to the Boss level.

I.e., instead of 900 Defense, and 1500HP (4/80 with 11 emblems), he only had something like 753D and 1300+HP (or whatever he has at 4/80 but no emblems).

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