Black Knight VS Snow White

I have an open discussion with my team mates whether Snow White will suck out Black Knight’s buffs from all heroes and turn to attack power or not. Or only Black Knight’s buffs will be sucked out and the rest are remaining the same.

Please help me find out.

If I can find a Snow White on defence I can test it for you…

Don’t have SW so can’t go the other way lol

I have never seen Snow White on defense team either.
I guess she is much suitable for offense team

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Actualy, it got discussed a bit in the Grimble vs. QoH minion thread.

Here is where the question is asked:

How does Black Knight vs Snow White work anyways? Black Knight skill 1st, Snow White skill after.
I’d expect it to be:

  1. Black Knight uses skill – all buffs are up
  2. Snow White uses skill – can only dispel Black Knight due to taunt
  3. But now that taunt is gone, damage is then applied to all enemies

Just based on the order of the skill actions.

Can someone confirm this?

No definite answer but in answer to the Queen of Hearts Minion vs. Grimble question, staff gave this answer:

Thank you for the continued discussion. We have discussed this here together with the developers. We believe Grimble is working as intended - the taunt protects the allies until the end of the special. That being said, we will discuss on possible adjustments to this Special. Again, thank you for the active feedback on this!

What that indicates to me is that BK’s taunt will stay in effect until the END of Snow White’s special, thus protecting all allies from the buff removal… It will also limit the damage to just him.

Again, if I spot a Snow-White on defence I will test it (I’ll tank the raid if I have too!!!)


By the above logic, taunt will be dispelled and couple of buffs on Black Knight will be dispelled, The Snow White will hit all opponents (that some of buffs are still up), with less power since only couples of buffs are dispelled.

Maybe. Wait for definite answer from devs

I was thinking the same thing. If you’re setting a defense, Black Knight would appear to be the better choice, but Snow White is stronger on the attack.

I have her at 3.70 but she won’t survive long enough to fire in my raids… If I come across a BK team in war that’s appropriate I’ll take her and find out.

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