BLACK KNIGHT Talent Grade with +2% mana. NOT BEING APPLIED properly?

I have found that while playing Map, Raid, War, Titan, and Quests with Black Knight (BK) at Talent level 20, more importantly level 19 +2% mana and using level 11 mana troop which has +9% mana. I cannot get BK special to charge in 9 tiles. As 9% plus 2% equals 11% which is 1% more than the 10% needed to fully charge an average mana speed hero (10 tiles), such as BK.

This same application of +2% mana (talent) and +9% mana (troop) works properly on other average speed heros such Hel, and Telluria.

This issue with BK is constant. Does anyone else have the same experience while using these parameters stated above?

SG please look into this.


Black Knight is an average hero and needs a level 23 mana troop (13% mana bonus). Since you gave him the mana node, he’ll need a level 17 troop (11% mana bonus) to charge in 9 tiles. He’ll still charge in 10 tiles even with a mana troop level 11.

It’s probably the same with Hel and Telluria, only the level 17 mana troop will help them charge in 9 tiles.

Here’s a very useful thread about mana generation made by @ThePirateKing:


I believe you need a lvl 17 mana troop to charge in 9 tiles. I have Proteus at +20 (went mana route on emblems), and I need a lvl 17 mana troop to charge him in 9 tiles.

average mana needs 12% to charge in 9 tiles

10 tiles ÷ 1.12 = 8.92
10 tiles ÷ 1.11 = 9.009

original tiles ÷ (1+mana boost %) = # of tiles now needed

as far as i know anyways

so as others said lvl 17 mana troop is what you need

It’s 12% for an average hero.

This thread has all the charts:

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Thanks all. I was mistaken when using hel and telluria as references.

This info is very helpful.


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