Black Knight or Grazul; Who gets the hidden blades?

I’ve been fortunate enough to pull both Black Knight and Grazul recently. They are both at 2/60. Ascension mats however, seem to avoid me like the plague, Especially hidden blades!
(mutter, curse, grumble, and so forth)
Well, Odin be praised (or whoever Small Giant is dressing up like Odin in season 3) I pulled a 4th hidden blade in an RNG crapshoot in the carrot dangler store! Yay me!?!
In any case, as much as I’d like to see these two miscreants paired up while leveled up, I don’t know who I should send to 3/70 purgatory first.
Your thoughts and colorful commentary are cordially encouraged.
I had fun stacking them as a clean up team, in today’s Alliance War, with my 6th battle flag, as (L>R) Alice 3/44 , BK 2/60, Elena 3/40, Grazul 2/60, Athena 3/33 Screenshot_20191016-185132|281x500
They all worked well together.

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Grazul is offensive healer (useful on def but AI won’t time her ult correctly most of the time and it can be played around), Knight is defensive tank/flank.

So the question is - who do you need more?

Also, how does your bench for 4 look like? Because I get a feeling that you skipped them to focus on 5*, which isn’t necessarily the best idea.


In Fire heroes i have BT and Wilbur with 10 emblems each. Colen and Sir Lancelot remain underdeveloped, as do my 2nd BT and Wilbur. Sumitomo is at 2/32. My functional 5*s are Marjana +5, Khagan 4/63, Elena 3/40. Azlar is unleveled.
Margaret was HotM when I got started

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Ok, so it is interesting.

I can tell you I would keep emblemmed Wilbur or even BT in my defense squad over Knight at 3.70. Not to mention Grazul. Hell, I would even keep Wilbur on left flank over maxed Marjana, given I had other color snipers.

But to me it looks that you have now a lot of red utility heroes and lack some direct hitters. Khagan and Elena are slow. You really only have Marjana. In your case, I would start maxing Lancelot and hunt for Falcon on the next guardians event.

In case you really, really want to focus on one of the 5 stars you mentioned first, I would pick Grazul over Knight. As I said, Wilbur with emblems is a fine red placeholder even in diamond (I only replaced him on my team when I maxed Aegir few weeks ago… and I was in Diamond since forever), you may replace him with Knight at some point but no need to rush it, your main focus should be on offense with the seasonal events incoming.

Note however, that Grazul at 3.70 will be significantly weaker than your BT with talents. You will also miss that attack buff the most. And guess who can provide that attack buff instead… yea, mr Lancelot. To 3 only, but still.


My snipers are Marjana, Lianna, Magni and Sartana, all lightly emblemed. Caedmon is +6. Sonya is +18. Ranvir is 4/80 (Melendor ate all the Druid emblems 'cause he’s so squishy)
I’m not a big fan of slow heroes, but I’m working with what I’ve got. I’m working on a 2nd Melendor because I’m lean in green (4/37 and climbing) but your suggestion about Lancelot seems sound. Thanks Suicide_Bunny!

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I would choose BK for my choice


Grazul for offense

BK for defense and titans

I agree with AirHawk in this.
Depends on where you need extra hero’s

Grazul for offense
BK for defense

If you have a perfect defence team then for for Grazul, if defene can get a boost or upgrade then go for BK.
I face him in raids in off tank position a few times now and with some emblems on him, it is a pain to kill him…


I agree with everyone here that Black Knight is a very strong tank/flank for defense teams. However, I personally think that he also works great for offense, thanks to his attack buff to all.

He’s a 5* version of Brienne with team protecting abilities, except his buff only lasts for 3 turns as opposed to 5. Titans have been mentioned but I think even for your standard raiding, his attack boost is awesome to have and taunt can really save your team from wide area hitters in the flanks and wings


Well, this is an interesting decision. For utility at 3.70 I use my Grazul pretty regularly. Given that BK is so good defensively and only average mana I’d be hesitant to take him him to 3.70 until I can take him all the way up to 4.80… Also: you’re one lucky duck :blush:


I have this same conundrum so I’m keeping tabs on the responses here. It seems the consensus is leaning towards BK getting the rings over Grazul who is plenty servicable at 3.70. Is that about right?

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I would level BK over Grazul no matter what. With that special skill is awesome in attack too.


The current conundrum is about who gets the hidden blades. So far I only have 2 sets of Mystic rings. Sadly, neither of them will have the opportunity to get topped out any time soon.

I’d favor BK, unless you are lacking a decent (4* and above) healer.

But I don’t have either one, so that’s just an uninformed opinion based on first impressions and less than fully educated guesses.

It might be worth considering that I do have a number of 4* healers topped out and emblemed (Melendor, Rigard, Sabina, Kashrek, Kiril, BT, with a 2nd Melendor at 4/64, so far.) The only 5* healer I have is Vivica, languishing in the 3/70 doldrums.

I have BK as my tank, he started as a flank. He’s only emblemed +8 now, but that’s still 882 def & 1530 hp! Those are some pretty beefy stats. It only gets better with emblems. He is one powerhouse of a hero. His taunt is awesome, especially on titans. Titans hit him consistently, without a cut, leaving the rest of the team untouched. I was fortunate enough to get bk & since haven’t had any stronger hero. He’s the bomb

Edit: I didnt mention, he is now tank on my defense. Yes titans & offence are great, & also my defence. Bk is great everywhere. A serious class act


Can you tell me your lineup with BK? I have him maxed and love using him on offense but I have such a mixed bag of guys I’m not sure who to flank him with.

I didn’t read any of these comments yet. Black Knight is probably the best Red Tank. I have Grazul but no BK. Ascend Black Knight!

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I did choose to level up Red Knight. He’s at +7 now. He’s my stronghold defense tank. My line-up, left to right is:
Lianna +7, Kiril +9, BK +7, Rigard +12, Ranvir +3
I don’t seem to get raided as often. That may indicate rerolls, but I’m raiding in diamond pretty consistently these days and there are some crazy powerful teams out there. I’m winning a lot more defenses than I used to. I don’t know the percentages but I’d guess at least a third of the time, maybe more.
This month we’re using red tanks in my alliance. I’ve only been One-Shotted twice so far, but the month is still young. Most of the time it takes two or three flags to take my war defense team down. I also just finished Seshat at +2 so she’s at right wing while Vivica, at +3, is at right flank. I may have to update my SH defense team that way as well.
I have Zero regrets leveling up Black Knight over Grazul. I use him in some raids, and on some titan too. I still look forward to leveling up Grazul, but mystic rings don’t grow on trees.

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