Black Knight or Elizabeth. Who do you choose?

I got Elizabeth 2 days ago, and I have 3.70 Black Knight.
I got 6th ring a moment ago, now I have to choose one of them to ascend.
It you were me, who would you choose?

I have no good red center, and currently my alliance chose red as a center.

I have 8 fully maxed red 5* heroes. They are Marjana (+20, no costume), Tyr (+19), Mitsuko (+20), Grazul (+0), Ares (+0), Azlar costume (+0), Santa Clause (+0) and Jean Francois (+0). I used Tyr or Mitsuko as a red center, but they were totally bad as a center, IMO.

Can you guys give some advice? Thanks.

I have both and it’s a very difficult question. They are both good, but BK is more passive and more vulnerable to dispell.

Elizabeth however dies easier. I am slowly switching more towards Elizabeth though, since the fiends and the mana generation decrease can be more problematic to deal with than the taunt and the 50% chance to reduce the damage to 1.

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Both of them are solid choices, Elizabeth could be a safer pick due to her being favored in Bloody Battle tournaments and to not suffering from Field Equalizer wars.


The best choice in my opinion would be Elizabeth when you get to the LB stage.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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It is interesting to see how people think about these two heroes. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Black Knight
  • Elizabeth

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For offensive purpose : BK
For defensive purpose : Elizabeth

Bk is outaded defensively due to the increase of buff blockers and/or dispellers

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As much as I would love to have Elizabeth I would still max BK first, taunt is just too good offensive tool.


Nice red heroes! So I have both, and use them both the exact same amount. I only use them during war, or tournaments. BK is amazing for buff booster, and Elizabeth is amazing during bloody battle. Both are amazing for rush. So in my opinion they are both pretty much equal. Both amazing. For you, needing to run one of them as tank, then I would say it depends on the other 4 heroes that will be on your team. Both are great tanks, and both will get the rings for you at some point, so you cant go wrong either way!


Thank you very much.

So I chose to ascend Elizabeth this time. I have no hero whose skill is taunt except BK, but now I need a decent red center, so BK will be the next. Thank you guys for your help.

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