Black knight in which position?!?!

Hi, it’s my roster, where can I put black knight and with which heroes?
Thank’s guys

I have usually seen Black Knight as tank or flank. But mostly tank because of his taunt ability that doesn’t rely on a minion.

Isarnia - Lianna - BK - Hel - Drake

Well anyway, your roster can easily hold you above 2500 cups.

Once you past 2700, your enemies will somehow get very good boards.


Alby-Frida-BK-Hel-Drake would be my setup


I have only seen him in the center, and most often all alone - which is Pythonesque humorous, but annoying for filling raid chests.


Tank or flank.

Lianna, BK, Aegir, Hel, Drake

Alby, Frida, BK, Hel Drake

something like that

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He could also be called

Tank Knight
Flank Knight

and not
Wing Knight



I’d try Alby, Kunchen, BK, Drake, Lianna. I would not dare to attack this team :grin:
I think he’s a great tank, with his ability to drop any damage to 0

For a defense team I agree that he should always be a tank or flank.

He works well with an Aegir tank imo. Here’s my suggestion that aims to take advantage of damage share + berserk attack buff

Lianna | Black Knight | Aegir | Hel | Drake

I advise Drake over Joon so that the damage share isn’t turned against Aegir’s team too easily, since Drake has better durability. You could swap Lianna for Evelyn too but I put Lianna since her snipe can OHKO anything once attack boosted. For war defense, I would swap Lianna for Alberich.

Another choice with Black Knight as a tank:

Lianna | Frida | Black Knight | Hel | Joon

That team just aims to defeat the enemy as quick as possible. If you want a healer in the team, then you can always swap Lianna for Alberich (put him in war defenses though).

If you ever max Kadilen (not that you would need to anytime soon), I personally think she makes a great flank to Black Knight tanks too. Her special skill defense buff goes very well with his taunt buff (in case he doesn’t drop damage to 1), and she appreciates his berserk attack buff to make her skill hit all enemies hard.


As a cynic, in my opinion, worrying about defense is irrelevant.

Any player who is good at this game, can defeat you with a colour-stacked team of 4*, no matter what you come up with as a defense. If they are attacking you with 5* team full of emblems, you are absolutely dead meat, for sure.

Any player who is not good at this game is going to lose to you, no matter where you put him. Any player working a board that does not give them the gems they need, when and where they need them, will also lose to you, regardless of their skill or team power.

From this point of view, there is no wrong answer.


Comment of little use … we all know that this is a game of probability and that there are no perfect teams and invincible heroes but this does not mean that you cannot optimize your team.
Thank you all for the suggestions :smile:

In a perfect world, AI would agree with you. But its AI is stupid & has no strategic value. So no, not really applicable

What happened with the bug that shared damage was not 1 when just a scratch triggered?

He always screamed tank to me. Any other position would be very under utilized.

As a piggyback to this thread, if one had a maxed guin and a maxed black knight, which would be better as tank and which as flank?

They are both A+ tanks, but BK is a better flank than Guin.

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Thanks. That is what I have been doing, but nice to have some validation.


Once I get my BK leveled up I was going to use him as my tank. I was thinking of making my defense team like this Lianna (or possibly Kingston)–Kunchen–Black Knight–Magni–Poseidon. Not all of these are leveled up. I don’t have much in the ways of yellow snipers. I only have Justice, Poseidon, and Neith for 5 star yellows. Looking for some advice. Thanks.

if you have a option of Kingston, definitely use him over Liana. Then tough call on your yellow. Posdiean is one of the best yellow snipers in game but Neith is a real pain. Can’t go wrong either way there. It’s seems BK is probably best at tank position but if have someone like guin or kuchen, then BK makes a great flank. You have a nice rostering going there. Keep up the good work!

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I understand why Kingston will be advised over Lianna, however you would run into conflict with Magni for emblems. I’d recommend trying to avoid class clashes like that – if you use Kingston you’ll want another blue hero to replace Magni (and give all emblems to Kingston).

Otherwise, keep Lianna in there.

I’d personally also recommend tanking with Kunchen over Black Knight. Kunchen on flank isn’t quite as good as him in the tank spot. Would rather have B.K. on flank with Kunchen tanking

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