Black Knight Finley and Tavern of Legends

So I will explain How I have linked these together in my thoughts and it is a question I wanted to ask the player base.

I am growing concerned about this game been headed into serious pay to win territory. What concerns me is the Tavern of legends and the effect it may have on the games meta. I am not f2p I am c2p though probably spend a bit more then most c2p just definitely not in the category of crazy cashers I cannot afford to spend thousands of pounds on this game.

I hear from Tavern of legends their will be a secret hero who you have 0.1% chance of summoning, Who to me appears OP and would be a serious help in competing just here is where I have a concern about it
is as follows if we assume each summon costs 250 gems and it costs us a penny a gem

you would need to do
693 summons (173250 gems) ($1732.50) to have a >50% of pulling
1386 summons (346500 gems) ($3465) to have >75% chance of pulling
2302 summons (575500 gems) ($5755) to have >90% chance of pulling
2995 summons (748750 gems) ($7487.50) to have >95% chance of pulling
4603 summons (1150750 gems) ($11507.50) to have >99% chance of pulling

If this hero becomes rampant everywhere I have to quit because I do not begrudge others spending their money however they please but I just cannot spend that sort of money and if it gets to the point where I cannot compete without doing so I am just done.

So one thing I always wondered was how come Blackknight did not do to the game what Telluria did? to me they appeared a seriously over powered tank and an absolute beast that I feared would do exactly what Telluria did to the game. So why did Blackknight not go up as a tank everywhere.

I have three possible explanations to myself.

  1. Blackknight is not as an effective tank as I thought he would be for reasons I do not grasp
  2. He competes with Gravemaker and Kagi for emblems and thus never got tanked up as far as he could be.
  3. he is just far to expensive for most of the player base to get

possibly some combo of all three but maybe he is a positive sign that Tavern of legends wont ruin the game for me because most players wont get luckily enough/ spend enough to attain him.

to compare Chances of summoning BlackKnight there is a 1% chance of pulling an event five star and five event five stars. So as far as we know all five star event challenge heros are just as likely as each other so if this is true then their will be a 0.2% chance of pulling black Knight.
so it costs 260 gems a summon here
we would need to do
347 summons (90220 gems) ($902.20) to have>50% of pulling BlackKnight
693 summons (180180 gems) ($1801.80) to have >75% chance of pulling BlackKnight
1151 summons (299260 gems)($2992.60) to have >90% chance of pulling BlackKnight
1497 summons (389220 gems)($3892.20) to have >95% chance of pulling BlackKnight
2301 summons (598260 gems($5982.60) to have >99% chance of pulling BlackKnight

So my thoughts are maybe the reason BlackKnight never took over the game the way Telluria has is simply and purely down to most of the player base are just not willing or able to spend such large sums of money to get him. If so I have nothing to worry about.

However it does seem that I see Finley around quite a bit and the odds of pulling FInley should be the same as BlackKnight so maybe I am missing something.

I was wondering what others opinions are on this and if I am missing something or if the relatively few BlackKnights around shows the vast majority of the player base are not going to dump extortionate amounts of money on the game.

Ps I am aware some people could pull these heros just by exceptional luck just that would be a minority not a majority.

  1. As you said Telluria was easier to get than BK because she is a hotm.
  2. Telluria is green. There are no exceptional good snipers in red. BK being weak to blue means be has to face a few hard hitters.
  3. You only need to bring a dispeller for BK and he is just a huge meat shield. Telly has her HoT which buys time and she slows your heroes down. So you would need a cleanser and a dispeller and it doesn’t end there because she summons also her minions, has a resistance to get her minion removed and gives minor damage to every of your heroes, with the same speed as BK.
  4. BK works very well with a lot of other heroes, but the synergy of mainly mentioned Telly and Vela is unmatched. Take GM in and you have a nearly perfect trio.

So as much I love BK myself, he doesn’t come close to Telluria. A few called BK OP after release and I never really got that. He is certainly a very good tank, but actually quite easy to come by.


This, he is just a tile dump.

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I agree 100% this to me is why so many chased Gravemaker. 5* Reds suck in this game meaning the normal summons ones

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Sorry to say this but this game has been in that territory awhile now


I think you just have to be ok with not being top tier.


I’m somewhat baffled about how often I see Finley as well, considering how hard it is to pull event heroes… Thing is, Finley is an elite defender - so if you were lucky enough to pull him, you’re going to put him on your defense team without a doubt. BK is excellent as well, though there are many other tank options, and he can’t hold a candle to Telluria. As tough as BK is, all you need is a dispeller and you’ve countered his biggest strength.

As for the Tavern and the secret hero, I wouldn’t sweat that too much… The odds of getting what you want are atrocious and the secret hero is totally underwhelming. In it’s current iteration, there’s really no incentive to pull.


@Tunixgut is exactly right about BK, more counters readily available and he’s harder to get.

FWIW, the secret hero available through the Tavern portal was far from OP in testing. His survivability to actually get to fire everything back was virtually nonexistent. Even emblemed fully, he does very little damage on his own. He’s an offensive hero anyway, if he’s on defense, don’t use status ailment heroes on him.

He’s virtually an avatar to win to show how lucky you were. He’s not going to change the game anywhere near Finley or BK level.


that depends how we define top tier, if by top tier we mean consistently attaining no1 then I already accept that.

I have played quite a few games like this before in different formats and it definitely has always been the case that the people right at the top, top 5/ no1 spend obscene amounts and you have to spend that to keep up. So I never expected to hit that level of top tier.

However I would hope I could consistently remain in diamond league and see myself in the top 100 maybe not consistently but occasionally, just not like never ever.

Well I can allay some fears here in that the secret ??? Hero is anything but OP :slight_smile:

He’s actually quite difficult and annoying to use… His special skill is really only useful IF he has been hit by some status ailments… Issue is that he is also really squishy… So those ailments kill him more often than not…

So yeah, cool and interesting but certainly not OP.


In my deck, not on my defense.

I sure hope the secret hero wasn’t SG answer for Telluria, Vela, Gravemaker, & Clarissa.

I think the game needs a fast cleanser to deal with them

Well I have them both almost maxed emblemed. BK is max emblemed, Finely on node 18 pushing very close to 19.

This two have been in my defense since they got max level. They are really annoying to fight specially maxed emblemed where they can withstand more damage and be deadlier.

I remain 2700 cups overnight without a problem. There are no OP heroes, so this guys are extremely good but as everyone else, can be beaten.

BK’s taunting Telluria, Vella, Clarissa, GMs and Drakes dot’s is just priceless. With HOT or healer you just clean him and your up and running.

Why not Finley on the left so everyone can take advantage of his defense down?


In Diamond? Absolutely. I stayed in diamond almost 100% of the time the past 2 months with a team of Rigard ©, Vela, Mitsuko, Proteus, Tarlak. Certainly not a conventional team, but let me sit around 2500.

Switching to. JTV team I’m usually around 2600 now.

But top 100? That’s another thing entirely and I don’t expect that anytime soon. It would require either an incredibly lucky streak or a lot more time (a LOT more) because of how many emblems 5 star heroes need.

And I’d get beat out of it as soon as I logged off.

For some reason he is for me better on the right. I am not sure way. I tried holding him left and had 15-20% less success then in this position.

Good reason, can’t argue that.

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its my offence bench which is my limiting factor my defensive roster i feel is almost capable of holding down top 100.

Telluria Tank will have 18 emblem levels on soon just need to get the food and iron to move all over.
Isarnia costumed 17 emblem levels i dont have vela but i think she will hold her own here.

Gravemaker pulled this atlantis unfortunately he cant have too many emblems because i had kagi highly emblemed before him.

Mitsuko highly emblemed again. and I think I play my highly emblemed kagi for the fifth member.

so Kagi Mitsuko Teluria Isarnia then Gravemaker.

my troops are at the low teens this may be an issue. this is not to far off top 100 standard defence though.

offence is my draw back I just dont got the attacking benches Malosi is on the rise.

I am still surprised when I type this I have got ridic lucky with summons off late. I am pulling this costume chamber I want Lianna and Joon.

my bench is rising.

So you are saying that will hold around 2900 cups?

The main reason for Tellurias dominance is Vela who punishes mono red very hard which normally would be the solutuin to Telluria.

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