Black knight damage doesn’t stack

New to this forum, so excuse my ignorance…
I recently leveled up my black knight and was surprised his damage boost didn’t stack with boldtusk or kiril. I assumed that since it was a berserk style damage and different symbol they would stack like wu kong does with boldtusk. Clearly it doesn’t, but can anyone explain why? What is the divide that decides when one stacks and when it doesn’t?

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Have you read this? Does it answer your question?

👑 Knights of Avalon: Black Knight – Thoughts & Discussion


What’s actually probably more useful is this: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

That thread explains in detail which Status Effects stack or overwrite.


No, it doesn’t and isn’t supposed to.

Neither does Brienne or Khiona which have the same icon, and Brienne-Kiril or BT combo has been around since the beginning, not stacking.

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Thanks. You know my paws (and brains) slipped. :grin:

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Usually it’s similar effects that increase or decrease the same stat. Note too that Black Knights berserk attack buff is overwritten by Zeline and Kingston’s attack drops.

Wu Kong and Ranvir are an exception though, likely because their boost comes with a drawback too.

Tarlak / Miki are an exception too: though at least their skill descriptions say that they stack with similar effects

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Thank you that was helpful. I just didn’t understand how stacking worked.


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