Black Knight bug?

Im on a roll here since everything is on cooldown ingame:

-Why does Black Knight occasionally deal damage when doing his special?
-there is no damage mentioned on the card:

I like to spearhead blue mono through the Daily raids so i have faced quite a few BK’s… its not a common thing, but he does occasionally deal damage when AI plays him and uses the special skill.

Could it be his barbarian talent? That causes a bleed DoT.

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I did not think of that, but then again… isnt it the wrong timing for the bleeddamage to appear during the specialattack phase”?
Isnt the order: special attack - bare knuckle attack - dots/hots - minionhits or am i remembering it wrong?(probably)
and the reason why i noticed this dmg was because it dealt quite more dmg than normal bleeds.

I will keep an eye out for the bleedsymbol and further, thx for the input.

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