Black Knight Attack Boost Removed Preemptively

See string of photos showing Black Knights attack boost getting removed before the defense team fires. Frigg should have hit much harder as berserker gives a large attack boost for several stray tiles.

Black knight died from green match, purple tiles about to hit Frigg.

Immediately after purple tiles hit Frigg, berserker buff disappears.

Frigg hits Lianna for what should have been much more than 470 damage.

How many turns was BK special active before you killed him? Based on the mana that BK already has gained within your first screenshot, it appears that BK had been active for at least 1 turn and likely 2 turns – his special is only active for 3 turns. Looks normal to me.

It was the third turn, I just thought the defense team still had buffed specials on the last turn, but it appears as though they don’t. Well it doesn’t look like I have permission to delete the post either lol

Per OP indication they want the topic gone :slight_smile:

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