Black Knight and Queen of Hearts

Would appreciate any information/views on how Black Knight may work with QoH … line up? Taunt x 2? Thanks for reading :blush:

I posted my thoughts here regarding a “who is better” hypothetical question which is pure armchair theorizing from me:

Together? Probably not advised. The question was already asked with multiple Queen of Hearts, and the end result is that any taunting hero becomes fair game, so if they’re both active, an attacker could target either one. Also they’re both built to be more defensive linebackers, and doubling up on a color in defense isn’t advised in general, and it’s a questionable offensive build to bring both unless you’re running full mono, and the other three slots are hitting squishes that need protecting like Scarlett, but even then it’s kinda questionable build due to lacking healers, unless you’ve got Anzogh in which case you’ve already hit the jackpot if you have all three.

Rambling a bit, but that’s my two gems.

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Thanks, very helpful insight. Will follow previous link, no doubt lots of possibilities with Black Knight.

You my check my post. :smile:

Black Knight coupled with QOH

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