Black Knight adjustment

LOL, I do just that on my defense…

LOL. You’re no fun. I need your blues for my monogreens. Well played though.

He is incredibly good in every aspect of the game. Titans, raid offence and defence, tanking, flanking, mapping, you name it.

I hardly find another hero so complete.

He compete with Gravemaker for barbarian emblems, and an average compete with a superfast already tell you how much is good.

Only downside is his class, which for the role he usually have is quite useless.

But everything else he is simply A+, wherever you put him.

Curious on the defensive outcome if there are 3 BKs at the center and winged by both MN and Albe.

That’d be an ugly team…so so ugly.

I was about to type my thoughts into why players think BK > GM as a flank to Telluria, but I was beat to it:

Though I don’t really know which one is better, I do agree with the above reasoning.

I usually bring 2 cleansers against Telluria+Vela because water damage on fire is brutal, and I really need to cleanse the mana debuff or I’m toast. I can’t rely on just 1 cleanser to have that job all to themselves.

But against BK + Tellu + Vela, it gives me pause and I have to think more carefully about whether bringing a dispeller is worth giving up one of my other heroes.

There actually already exists a cap on his attack buff. The berserk attack buff is the same one Brienne, Namahage, and Khiona use in their skills, and all of theirs are set to increase by a maximum of 5 times (capped at 145% attack up).

Personally, I think 3 turns is enough on the 5*s who have this buff. On offense you can already use someone like Wilbur (same color and speed as BK) or Aegir with them to max it within the first few turns: Damage Share ensures that each hit will increase it on every ally who has the buff. On defense, even your off-color tiles increase the buff so having it last longer would heavily punish a bad cascade even more than it already does.

Just my 2 cents but I think 3 turns is fine.


Malosi will calm em all…


Using mana pots other than the Minor Mana pots isn’t sustainable, but I suppose using it on red titans alone isn’t a bad idea.

Seems just about everyone thinks he is fine with 3 turns with his attack buff and honestly I forgot about the spirit link and this type of attack buff. Haven’t used that trick since playing with 3* teams in wars once my 4* heroes had been used. I have Wilbur and Falcon so I suppose I could place Ares between them and improve their survival chances. Wish I had an abundance of emblems to put on Falcon and Wilbur, but attacking titan with tile damage alone aside from Falcon could still work out well with this team setup.

BK, Wilbur, Ares, Falcon and Tarlak, I just worry about healing, but BK’s damage mitigation should come in very handy. I do feel better about the 3 turns after reading all the comments and want to thank everyone for your thoughts even if it wasn’t what I was hoping for. :lol:

I don’t have GM, but I do have Aegir although I don’t use him in my defense team. Currently I don’t have a red hero in my defense team and instead I have been using 2 purple heroes. I tank Ursena and Kage on the wing, but am trying Hel for a while. Kage hits like a school girl once heroes get below 50% health. Many times it’s taken me 3 casts by Kage to kill a hero that’s just below 50% health.

I do have Telluria and Vela, but Alby has the druid emblems and I didn’t want to take emblems from costume Sonya because she is soooo darn useful in and out of costume. I use mainly 4-1 blue team or 4-1 purple team against Telluria tanks with decent results.

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I think the only reason for that is, that he is an event hero and therefore much harder to get than HotMs. And then GM still is the better choice for those who have both. I agree with anyone else, BK is just fine as he is now. He would actually be the only reason for me to pull at Avalon. But I think I am saving my coins for Wonderland…

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Minor mana pots, mana pot, super mana pot… depend on how quickly you intend to charge up your hero within the limited attack time frame.

Now regarding sustainability?? It depends on player and the level of Titan you are chaining, mana pot seems far cheaper to forge compared to tornadoes, yet there are players crafting them continously and use virtually on all Titans in their level.

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I am almost alway low on mina mana so I use a mix of mini and super. I use super mana on every titan. I have 69 in inventory and the ability to produce 632 more. I use 5ish a day. So I could not farm any more and have enough for 140 days of hits on 14* titans.

why isn’t that sustainable?

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Have you used Khiona already? She does that to only nearby allies for the same mana speed with a soft hit.

If you think BK is weak then I really don’t know who’s a strong hero for you.

I have a backlog of heroes with enough emblems to advance talents, don’t have the resources. I have enough troops I could level up some of my troops at least 2 levels with most around level 23. To stay in mana pots I have to sacrifice something and i think emblems and troops are more important. Maybe things will improve at some point, but I just don’t have the ham to stay in mana pots. Of course I haven’t even mentioned potent healing potions and harpoons.

With buildings iron is also in short supply and applying emblems to 5* heroes in the last few talent stages is very expensive in both ham and iron.

But I love using Miki for titans!

Black Knights Teams in raids are normally very powerful. I lost fights even though my fighting power was more than 200 above the opponent’s one. Maybe he is not the perfect Titan slayer, but Telly is also not a Titan slayer and no one would suggested to make her stronger. And in combination with other heroes BK is a very good Titan slayer. I would be happy to get one.

Cheers Reeder

Ok, this post probably doesn’t belong here, but I am not writing a ticket (I’m probably not even saying that right)…BUT, if the Black Knight is protected by Sif using riposte, and my attack with Finley only does 1 point of damage, why should Finley take 343 damage instead of just 1?
Just sayin

Because it is a great synergy between BK and reposte heroes? :man_shrugging:

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IDK, I think I should only be taking 1 point of damage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s the order how it works.

  1. Damage against BK is calculated
  2. Riposte damage is calculated
  3. Damage against BK is dealt (and dropped to 1 - sometimes)
  4. Riposte damage is dealt.

Fuzzy math. Needs to be 20

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