Black Knight adjustment

I pulled Black Knight and I think he is a great hero, but I was very surprised to see that his attack buff only lasts 3 turns like the other parts of his special. I was exited to use Black Knight against titans, but if his attack buff only lasts for 3 turns, then if I want to use him for titans he will need to be paired with another hero to boost attack.

If it’s an issue of the attack buff increasing too much, then it can easily be limited to a set maximum to solve the problem. You really don’t see him as tank or in defense teams hardly at all and this would give him a new lease on life in my opinion.

I really don’t see any reason why this can’t be changed, in fact I think it’s a beneficial change that will make him more useful overall. What do the rest of you think, good idea or bad idea?

I think Black Knight is already a ridiculously powerful hero and he doesn’t need anything else thank you very much.

Let’s just leave him as he is…


If the idea regarding extension of his special’s turns is based on Titans exclusively, then my thought regarding that is to use mana pots to recharge as soon as the turn expires …

I’m also of the opinion that BK is solid as it is.


Agree with above, if he was slow, I could understand, but him being tanky and his other attributes I think he’s quite alright and I’m very lucky to have him.


BK is an A+ hero. There is absolutely no reason to adjust him. Consider yourself lucky for even having him.


Please picture of the BLACK KNIGHT

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I don’t think making a hero totally Over Powered just so you can have a couple extra turns to hit a titan is a good thing.


Black Knight is awesome for both offense and titans as he is. I use him on a mono red team for 14* titans, making an average score 35-45k most often only using small or medium mana pots to boost him when needed.
As he protects all his allies, I can save other battle items to keep them alive


Not mine since i don’t have him

But found it on the leaderboard for ya


Before getting GM, I had Black Knight maxed emblemed and have been using him for tank in tournament and raid defense, but mainly flanking in defense. He is great on defense as well, but not commonly used as he shares both class and color with GM being very fast and besides that BK is hard to get, if not having a very lucky pull. The changes in game meta, makes red tanks not often used in general, even though some red heroes makes very good tanks!
My Black Knight, before I had to strip him :cry:


At the tournament, my friend fought 5 Black Knights at once :smiley:

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Black Knight is incredible. He needs no buff.

Congrats on pulling him!


Btw my win rate on raid and war defense, haven’t changed significally swapping Black Knight for Gravemaker


I’ve actually been curious about this

I have neither

But i do see it debated around the game

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My mate uses BK as his tank and it props up a weaker roster for him. He kept him in diamond where he was previously slapped right back out.

So at that level he’s pretty awesome as he’s hard to counter unless you build to take him out quick.

At your level I don’t know Though…I guess no hero is truly safe when you’ve got crazy offence hero’s to pick from. Anecdotally I tend to struggle with BK flanking Telluria more than I struggle with GM flanking.


His weakness is that he can be debuffed. In raids that can be going strong blue using Sonya/Frida to dispell buffs.
That not being an option if he is flanking a tank like Telluria in a war, having high level troops and emblems

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Yeah when BK is flanking ina BK,Tell,Vela I’m caught between needing a cleanse for the wave, flame, slow mana etc etc and a debuff. So since I’ll tend to go with a cleanse it’s a race to stop Bk. When it’s GM, Tell and Vela I tend to bring Grazul to try and just block the stuff they throw at me.

I just find BK adds another piece to the raid puzzle for me and I don’t have the heroes to cover all eventualities when raiding so I have to try and pick the most useful one


I don’t think he needs any tweaking with his powerful, unique attack. I do see him in diamond raids if not frequently them semi-frequently.

Because of the pulling odds and there are so many good barbarian class heroes out there, so people tend to give emblems to other heroes like Gravemaker and Kageburado.

As a side note; if anyone wish to erase his buff, it requires to fire two dispeller at the same turn! First one will erase the BK’s taunt and second one will erase the buff of all parties.

If he is sitting on a flank to Telly, then for me BK is a MUCH more difficult opponent than Gravemaker. 1) BK forces me to take a dispeller, which I normally don’t do vs GTV. Gravy requires cleanser(s), which I’m already bringing anyways for Telly. 2) If BK fires before I can kill Telly it makes it REALLY tough to finish her off. You have to rely on tile damage or have that dispeller ready to go. If Gravemaker fires it hurts, but it’s not nearly as impactful in my experiences.


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