Black Friday Web Offers Price on Forum different from Price in Game

Hello. I was interested in the Black Friday Special, but the web is showing £159.99 and £39.99 and £2.49 for the offers, but when I connect to the game the prices shown are £174.99 and £44.99 and £2.49. Is this a glitch? Thanks!

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If you compare the store and the in game offer, they contain completly different items in them.

So different price is normal I think.


Is the European offer totally different from the British one? We’ve got €119,99, €35,99, €5,99… No conceivable (at least that I can think of) conversion rate where that works out as fair for everybody. I wasn’t particularly interested, but noticed the huge difference on the “cheap” offer.

The offers are standard, but priced in each region’s currency at the current exchange rate in use (as set by Apple/Google - in game offers; Zynga for Zynga Store).

I am not sure if there is still price difference between Apple and Google though.


they are the same on apple and google since the prices have changed

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Not talking about the in-game offer… it’s just the web offer. When I try to purchase it the price before I press the “connect to game” button and after, for the same rewards, is different. It’s increased by around £15 with no explanation.

wow the Euro prices are so much cheaper! That’s not a conversion rate difference as Euro prices in theory should be more. I was very much considering it before the game upped the price by £15 gbp with no explanation, but this differential is even worse. I guess I’m not buying this then. :frowning:

Oh, ok. I do not know then what is the reason of the difference.

Could it be VAT ? It depends on each country.

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